1 cryptocurrency to buy now compared to Shiba Inu

1 Cryptocurrency to Buy Now Compared to Shiba Inu - Learn Illustration What is a Crypto WalletTo be honest, many cryptocurrencies (not just Shiba Inu) are unlikely to live up to their bubbly valuations in the long run. But there can be significant winners in the cryptocurrency arena.

When I explored the digital currency landscape in March, a cryptocurrency stood out as a far better buy than SHIB.

Discovering Avalanche

The first cryptocurrency to buy in the blink of an eye compared to Shiba Inu in March is Avalanche (quotation AVAX). As of March 2, it was the 20,6th largest cryptocurrency by market cap ($ XNUMX billion).

Avalanche and its smart contract-driven blockchain network - smart contracts facilitate, verify and enforce the negotiation of a contract between two parties - offer three very clear benefits that should enable it to succeed over time.

For starters, Avalanche's network is fast

If you want to send money, data or files on the Avalanche blockchain network, your transaction will be completed in less than two seconds. Compare this to Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), which focuses on payments, or its rival Ethereum, where finalization of transactions averages 60 minutes and six minutes.

The second reason Avalanche stands out from the crowd is its ability to climb. Quick block finalization is only relevant if the network in question can handle many transactions at once. Bitcoin and Ethereum are only capable of handling 7 and 14 transactions per second (TPS), respectively. Meanwhile, Avalanche can handle more than 4.500 TPS, according to its developers. While still a long way from the Visa payment processor, which is capable of 24.000 TPS, Avalanche has proven it can scale faster than almost any other blockchain network.

Better than Ethereum?

But the real carrot dangling for Avalanche is what's included in its net. The third advantage is the incorporation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on its blockchain. EVM is what software developers use to build decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Since Avalanche offers superior speed and scalability, along with lower transaction fees, than Ethereum, the inclusion of EVM should encourage dApp developers to come to its network.

Recent dApp protocol revenue data suggests this is happening. According to TokenTerminal.com, Avalanche brought in $ 41,6 million in dApp protocol revenue in the previous 90 days. But based on the $ 17,6 million generated in the previous 30 days, its quarterly run-rate is now closer to $ 53 million. 

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