As time goes by, more and more automatic trading robots such as 1K Daily Profit arrive on the net, also multiplying online scams. It can be difficult for beginners to distinguish between good and evil, and this is where we come in with a straight leg. Is 1K Daily Profit a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - 1k daily profit

We clear the field of any doubts and provide you with a personal and selfless opinion on the major automated trading platforms. In this review we will be dealing with 1K Daily Profit.

Unlike what the competition promises, which claims to be able to generate over $ 10 a day, this robot makes more modest promises in terms of returns. But apparently the robot is much more promising than others.

Is this honest software or is it the usual scam? Let's find out together in our review. If you wish, you can also click on the links you find on this page to register immediately.

What is 1K Daily Profit?

1K Daily Profit was developed by a software programmer named John Becker. Thanks to his research and his efforts, he was able to create an algorithm capable of anticipating cryptocurrency market movements by a few thousandths of a second.

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Simply put, this algorithm reads and analyzes relevant market news and uses it to open profitable trades quickly. However, 1K Daily Profit scam is a very popular search term on the internet.

So the question we asked ourselves was: do these criticisms come from friendly or enemy fire? We have thoroughly analyzed this software to understand it and in our review you can only read a real and independent opinion.

Is 1K Daily Profit a scam?

By running a series of tests in demo and live version, we were able to find the real effectiveness of this software. With a success rate of over 90%, we can confirm that it is potentially possible to earn hundreds of dollars a day with 1k Daily Profit.

  • 1k Daily Profit offers a success rate of 99,4%.
  • You can test the platform in demo mode immediately after registration.
  • We recommend that you start with a minimum capital of $ 250.

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How does it work?

Anyone who takes the time to take a look at this program will have the chance to make a profit thanks to the powerful algorithm it is driven by.

1K Daily Profit, in fact, is a software that bases its operation on a powerful mathematical algorithm, which applies the most effective margin trading strategies to trade on the cryptocurrency markets.

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Basically, the algorithm applies all the knowledge of an ordinary experienced trader, such as a trading ace like Warren Buffett. But instead of making only one trade per minute, as a professional would do, it is able to open more trades per second!

All this means that users do not earn large amounts from individual trades, but many small amounts that at the end of the day lead to a high daily profit.

How to open an account?

To open an account on 1K Daily Profit, you need to access the official page of the robot via the links you find on this page and proceed by following these steps:


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Now that you know how this platform works, let's see how to open a new account. First go to the software page and enter your name, surname, email, password, country of residence and telephone number in the registration form. You will receive an email with a link to click on to access the members area.

To deposit

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Now is the time to fund your account using one of the payment methods provided by the software. You can do this by logging into the “Add Funds” tab, located at the top of the page, as shown in the image below.


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Now is the time to trade. You can do this in automatic and manual mode. In the first case, the software will take care of everything, while the user will only have to adjust the risk settings. In the second case it will be possible to trade as with any other binary options platform, but without taking advantage of the effective algorithm of this software.

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Key features

Among the many key features offered by 1K Daily Profit, we have chosen the three that in our opinion are the most relevant.

Ease of use

1K Daily Profit was developed taking into account the fact that many novice traders would also use it and that is why the software is so easy to use.

Demo account

All new subscribers can use the 1K Daily Profit demo account in the name of transparency. In this way it is possible to understand the real effectiveness of the platform, even before paying the deposit.

Zero commissions

There are no hidden fees to pay. 1K Daily Profit is a free software that for now does not require the cost of use. But this may change in the future.

Is this platform recommended by any celebrities?

Many rumors claim that 1K Daily Profit has also been talked about on TV, but this only applies to abroad, while in our part of Italy, some famous people have spoken only about cryptocurrencies.

Lorenzo JovanottiFlavio BriatoreFabio Fazio

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Popular singer-songwriter Jovanotti has long been away from the music scene. There are rumors and allegations that he was involved in trading criptovalute since the launch of bitcoin in 2011. Nothing it has been confirmed.

Is 1K Daily Profit a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution 150x150

In addition to being a skilled entrepreneur, he has also proven himself to be a good financial trader over the years. He is said to have made money by trading both cryptocurrencies and regular fiat currencies. This was not confirmed by him.

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There are rumors that he wanted to focus an episode of Che tempo che fa on cryptocurrencies and their future value, but it seems that he was never granted permission. Nothing can confirm and it hasn't confirmed this either.

Does this platform offer a mobile app?

There is no 1K Daily Profit mobile app, neither for Apple devices nor for Android devices. We hope that the situation will change in the future, especially if this robot continues to have the commercial success of the last few months. Maybe that's something we could all be clamoring for from customer support.

Our verdict

1K Daily Profit is not a scam and is safe and reliable. The important thing is not to see this software as a quick way to get rich. It is a powerful piece of software with a success rate of over 90%, but that doesn't mean you can make money without understanding how it works.

Beginners are advised to test this software with caution and using the demo account available right after signing up. Once you understand how it works, you can make a minimum deposit of $ 250 and start trading live, without ever risking money you cannot afford to lose.

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Is 1K Profit Daily a scam?

No, we have tested it thoroughly and it is definitely a working, real and active program.

How long can I receive my profits?

Once the withdrawal request is submitted, it will be processed in less than 24 hours. Within a day, the money will be in your bank account.

Do I have to pay commissions to trade?

Yes, it's the only way the software makes money. It takes a small percentage of your earnings, but everything you see in your balance is yours and you can withdraw it at any time.