4 crypto assets waiting to explode with the bitcoin rally

4 crypto assets waiting to explode with bitcoin rally - 541058abeab8eae0280fb484In a recent interview with Anthony Pompliano via YouTube, Pal details four crypto assets with rapid network adoption that have similar patterns to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Here are the 4 cryptocurrencies

Real Vision's CEO says the adoption rate of its Solana smart contract platform matches Ethereum almost perfectly.

“Solana is probably following the Ethereum lead too. Ethereum was a spaceship at the time, which took everyone by surprise, and guess what… It's an exact match with the chart "

“Solana follows Ethereum, Ethereum follows Bitcoin… it's like the magic is all in adopting this network,” he said.

In addition to the three platforms named by Pal, he points out three more that are expected to gain broad network adoption and increase in value.

One of the other [three] that are in a phase of rapid development and adoption, where price increases are exponential, is obviously Terra, and probably Avalanche, Polkadot.

“This cycle will be good for all of them. However, they will all crash much later, just like Ethereum. After that, we can see what happens ”. He added.

Developers are building more and more projects on these platforms

With Polkadot, any resource or type of data can be transferred over multiple chains, not just tokens, thus making a wide range of blockchains interoperable.

LUNA, Terra's native token, is used to hold the price of its stablecoins. Luna holders can also submit governance proposals and vote on them, giving your governance skills tokens.

In the Avalanche platform, decentralized applications and custom blockchain networks are built on a top-level blockchain. With the aim of becoming the primary blockchain for smart contracts, it is one of Ethereum's rivals.

“There is a bizarre consistency to this. As you see all the people online, it seems like everyone is working on their own business. But when you apply the adoption effects and the net balance all together, do these things look similar? Yes, they are very similar. I find it mind-boggling, ”Pal noted.

In response to a question about the importance of blockchain decentralization from an investment perspective, the macro investor revealed: “This is a risk curve. It is for this reason that bitcoin is at the bottom of the heap. The most decentralized asset is bitcoin, which serves as a base. bitcoin is not complicated ".

“However, as cryptocurrencies move further, they become less decentralized, thus becoming more risky. While they can't play that kind of role, they can still play an important role. Bitcoin does not have this risk factor, so they are more difficult to assess, ”concluded Raoul Pal.

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