Adobe Photoshop launches feature to combat NFT theft

Adobe Photoshop launches feature to combat NFT theft - adobe photoshop logo hd 800x450 1Adobe has announced plans to roll out a feature in its Photoshop that will improve the experience for people dealing with non-fungible tokens. Through this feature, it will be possible for users to authenticate the originality of NFTs.

The feature called Content Credentials will allow NFT vendors to merge their Adobe ID with their crypto wallet, thus enabling the creation of a verified certificate that authenticates the origin of the NFT.

The new feature for NFTs

Adobe Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky revealed this new feature stating that it will be integrated into Photoshop, with a preview of the same set to debut by the end of October.

Belsky also added that the attribution data developed by Content Credentials would be stored on an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The IPFS system will give this function some form of decentralization in hosting files because the company will not be responsible for the data; rather, a network of people will take on this role.

Adobe also added that the content credentials will be available on major NFT markets, including OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible, and KnownOrigin.

Functionality to satisfy customer requests

Belsky said the launch of this Adobe feature comes after increased customer demand. He noted that the artists on the platform complained that their art was stolen after other people imitated their art. Therefore, it becomes impossible for the buyers to find the original creator.

Art theft has been one of the biggest problems in the NFT industry. There have been many people who have coined works of art that they have not created and to which they have no rights. It is easy to steal NFT art because anyone can coin it even if they don't have the copyright on the art.

Blockchain has no features that can be used to prevent others from minting NFTs. When an NFT is minted on the blockchain and buyers have no idea of ​​the original piece, they can be tricked into buying duplicates.

The Content Credentials feature will not stop others from minting fake NFTs, but it will ensure that sellers can authenticate that they are selling original pieces, preventing a buyer from being duped.

And what do you think of this new Photoshop feature? Are you happy to be able to mint 100% original NFTs at this point? Write us in the comments section below and let us know what you think.