AEX allocates a $ 100 million fund to promote Vietnam's crypto ecosystem

AEX allocates a $ 100 million fund to promote Vietnam's crypto ecosystem - aexGlobal adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchains has been on the rise over the past year, despite the recent upward price momentum shown by major coins like BTC and ETH. Carrying on the adoption narrative, crypto platform AEX has allocated a $ 100 million fund to help crypto and blockchain adoption in Vietnam.

AEX live in Vietnam

AEX is a digital asset platform that plans to offer crypto-financial derivatives in Vietnam. On March 21, the company announced a $ 100 million grant, called a "green fund," to open an office and support the country's blockchain ecosystem.

Furthermore, AEX also aims to support the development of Defi, GameFi and NFT projects in Vietnam. The company decided to take this trip to Vietnam after the Vietnamese showed a strong interest in cryptocurrencies.

In a statement released Monday, AEX's Chief Brand Officer Shergina Asya said Southeast Asia is key to the company's further global expansion, and Vietnam is a crucial country within the region.

The statement also points out that the fund will be used for parts of the global project and aims to accelerate the development of the entire blockchain sector. It is also noted that:

"The goal is to incubate more high-quality projects, achieve regulatory compliance for crypto-financial firms, and explore the possibilities of blockchain-related policies and regulations with regulators in various countries."

Additionally, the AEX also plans to launch the Vietnamese Blockchain Technology Competition and Hackathon in the second half of this year.

Vietnam gets on the cryptography train

According to surveys conducted by AEX, the demand for blockchain industries in Vietnam has increased by 140% in recent years, attracting investors and users to the space. This expansion in Vietnam aligns with AEX's globalization strategy launched in June 2021.

AEX notes that its user base has seen decent growth in Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, the United States, and Canada over the past year. Market reports show that Vietnam ranks fifth globally with the largest number of people eager to buy NFTs.

Hence, the statistics show a growing interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Vietnam.

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