Alchemy Notify wants to simplify the UX Blockchain thanks to a push notification system

Alchemy Notify wants to simplify the UX Blockchain thanks to a push notification system - 5edec4ad71271b6a4889473e HeroAlchemy has created a new push notification system for blockchain developers. Announced a few days ago, Alchemy Notify is a product designed to improve the user experience (UX) of various crypto platforms by providing real-time notifications for transactions and events.

"To bring blockchain to a billion people, we need to focus on building products accessible to ordinary people"

The UX Blockchain is often based on a constant request for attention from the user, which can be daunting for those who want to engage in a seamless transaction process.

Alchemy Notify aims to improve this problem through push notifications on smart devices. "Extremely simple and intuitive user experiences are crucial for the mass adoption of blockchain applications," said Alchemy CEO and co-founder Nikil Viswanathan.

"Alchemy Notify provides a key element for an extraordinary user experience: notifications." It works by replacing the nodes that companies use to read and write on blockchain with a more convenient and scalable infrastructure.

It is designed to coexist with the developer platform, which offers tools for monitoring, reporting and debugging crypto software. "Notify requires an extremely technical and nuanced infrastructure to provide notification functionality to developers," said CTO and co-founder of Alchemy Joe Lau.

"Notify is powered by the Alchemy platform, which took years of research and development to build." The San Francisco-based company raised $ 15 million late last year from Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Samsung, SignalFire and others.

"To bring blockchain to a billion people, we as a community must focus on building products that are accessible to ordinary people," added Lau. "A great user experience is an absolute must: users expect blockchain products to be at least as good, if not better, than traditional Web and mobile products."

This focus is the reason why big names like Augur, 0x, CryptoKitties, Kyber and the Opera browser rely on Alchemy's blockchain development platform to solve their UX issues and work on their projects.

Push notifications increase user retention. Does this also apply to blockchain?

Research conducted by Airship suggests that push notifications can increase user retention by up to 820% compared to users who don't receive push notifications. The data was collected through 63 million app users to determine how they interacted with their smart devices.

Alchemy, in practice, is betting that the same reasoning can also apply to the blockchain ecosystem and automatic trading platforms such as Bitcoin Pro. Events and transactions - such as accrued interest, timed events, contracts, swap tokens and in-game actions - can be confusing for new users.

"Making it easy to create extraordinary user experiences is absolutely crucial to the success of the blockchain industry," said Paul Veradittakit of Pantera Capital. “Alchemy's development platform continuously innovates to provide developers with new building blocks. Notify will be a turning point for the industry. See what the notifications for the mobile app ecosystem did. "