AltDex launches a cryptographic index based on gaming-related tokens

AltDex launches cryptocurrency index on gaming tokens. The company's new project in the world of cryptocurrencies.

AltDex launches cryptocurrency index on gaming-related tokens - altdex

AltDex, a provider of cryptocurrency indices, has announced that it has launched a index on gaming tokens.

Called AltDex Gaming Index, it is an index specifically designed to be able to track currencies and tokens that are directly reconnected to blockchain projects related to video games, eSports and other similar decentralized applications.

Currently, the AltDex index is composed of a cluster which includes 13 coins:

  • Theta Token (THETA),
  • Enjin Coin (ENJ),
  • WAX (WAX),
  • Decentraland (MANA),
  • Kin (KIN),
  • Loom Network (LOOM),
  • Mobile GO (MGO),
  • DMarket (DMT),
  • Referee (RFR),
  • Game Credits (GAME),
  • Unikoin Gold (UKG),
  • Plair (PLA),
  • BitGuild (PLAT).

Enjin, Lucid Sight and Animoca's moves

It obviously also falls within the cluster Enijn, the startup that has a token on Ethereum technology, and which last month revealed it had the Software Development Kit (SDK) in the pipeline, to be used for the development engine of the Unity game. The SDK will allow Unity developers to create, integrate and manage the distribution of ERC1155 compliant tokens on the same Ethereum blockchain.

As reported a few days ago, Lucid Sight, a blockchain game developer, has announced that it has raised $ 6 million to expand its digital games to the best-known gaming platforms, and that it will use the investment to launch Scarcity Engine, a software development tool designed to introduce Lucid Sight's blockchain games on traditional gaming platforms such as consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

Again, let's remember how at the end of March, the startup Animoca Brands has announced that it has signed a global license agreement with Formula 1 to launch a game on blockchain that is based precisely on car races. According to Animoca, the game should have the merit of improving the involvement of fans, and the partnership that could derive from it will develop significant investments in new technologies.