The emergence of Bitcoin has triggered many types of revolutions, ranging from large and attractive financial opportunities to very drastic changes in the way the economy is managed globally. Many famous people have been linked to bitcoin. This is the case with Amarillo Slim and Bitcoin. Some say this is an inseparable couple.

Not only are there many types of markets to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, not only are there a lot of robots that can trade for you, automatically and without complications, but now there are also a lot of advertisements featuring celebrities who have invested in Bitcoin. , as in the case of Amarillo Slim, the famous poker player. Could it be true? Is it just fake news? Let's find out together.

Amarillo Slim and Bitcoin - From poker to cryptocurrency trading?

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Amarillo Slim, whose real name is Thomas Austin Preston, is a famous poker player who has made a big fortune thanks to his outstanding performances in the world of poker, which include big wins like the '72 World Series and the 3 bracelets that they have consecrated success.

However, Amarillo Slim is not only a successful poker player, but also a great businessman who is said to have invested his money very well.

There are rumors on the internet today that this famous poker player is linking to various Bitcoin trading portals. However, this information has never really been verified, at least until now. Here, we have discovered that these are absolutely unfounded rumors and spread by gossip blogs only to attract more users to their portals.

All this will be true at least until Amarillo Slim releases a real official statement. Are you curious to find out what are the automatic bitcoin trading programs associated with the Amarillo Slim name? Read on to find out!

Bitcoin Lifestyle

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This software is one of the most popular and the newest to come on the market. It allows you to trade Bitcoins without lifting a finger. The great thing is when you open an account on Bitcoin Lifestyle, all that needs to be done is to simply configure and activate it, so that it alone makes the appropriate investments to make you money.

With Bitcoin Lifestyle you can make profits up to thousands of dollars a day, thanks to the algorithms with which it was designed to detect market signals, reports and alerts that indicate which markets and which assets are worth investing in based on the trend of the prices.

Has Amarillo Slim invested in Bitcoin Lifestyle?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many rumors on the internet that indicate that Amarillo Slim invested in Bitcoin, but it is difficult to determine if he did so with this specific robot, although it would really make sense if he actually did. Because? If you want to learn more about Bitcoin Lifestyle, read our in-depth review.

How to create an account and trade on Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Creating an account on Bitcoin Lifestyle is really simple and it is even easier to multiply the money thanks to this platform. Here are 4 simple steps to get started:

  • Enter the software site via the link below and fill out the registration form. On the Bitcoin Lifestyle home page you can register very easily and after providing your first and last name and email, you will be ready for the next step.
  • Confirm and activate your account. The previous step is extremely short, something you can complete in seconds. However, for the protection of all users and the normal functioning of the platform, it will be necessary for you to verify your data through a very short process in which you will only have to check your location and the data provided. After verifying your details, you will be ready to activate your account, at which point we recommend that you take a look at the platform so that you can see for yourself everything Bitcoin Lifestyle has in store for you.
  • Deposit at least $ 250. Bitcoin Lifestyle is totally free software. The minimum deposit is $ 250 and represents your starting capital to invest in trading. However, we recommend that you try the demo account before depositing your money directly. One way to familiarize yourself with the platform, because the truth is that you don't have to be a trading expert, just know how to set up the robot to do all the work for you, right.
  • Create your account and earn thousands of dollars. The software will do all the work on its own, but you'll need to give it some guidance so it can determine the best way to operate and achieve the goals you aspire to. This setup is really simple and is based on determining aspects such as which markets to invest in as well as establishing a loss limit and an estimated amount of profit.

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Bitcoin Revolution

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Bitcoin Revolution is another Bitcoin auto trading robot and we dare to say that it is one of the most innovative, as well as one of the most popular nowadays.

We decided to test it and you can also read our review to find out how it works. In our review we revealed that this is not a scam, but we can also add that we also got to discover that there is an 88% chance of being successful in the operations we carry out on this platform, which is definitely a figure very interesting.

Does Amarillo Slim recommend Bitcoin Revolution?

Many advertisements say yes, that is, that Amarillo Slim in fact, not only recommends, but has also invested in this robot. Currently though, this advertisement is misleading, so it's a little hard to believe this really is the case, but the truth is that if Bitcoin Revolution is profiting thousands of dollars for every $ 250 you invested, it wouldn't surprise us that not only Amarillo Slim , but many other celebrities have also invested in this robot.

How to do automatic trading with Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is such an effective software because it is easy to use and its platform is really user friendly, as we show you below with 4 simple steps you need to follow to multiply your money:

  • Enter the home page via the link below, click on create account and register. Now you just have to wait for the information via email and verify your account in order to start using it.
  • Verify your account according to the steps that will be indicated to you by email, after which you can take a look at the platform, familiarize yourself with everything it has to offer and even practice trading with the demo version where you can trade with virtual money in so that you are ready to take the last step before you really multiply your money.
  • Deposit at least $ 250 of investment. This money is the same money the robot will use to trade. Remember that this software is completely free. Your first deposit may be higher if you wish, but if you are just a beginner, we recommend that you start with the minimum and then try higher amounts when you feel more confident on the platform.
  • Install the robot and earn thousands of dollars. You have made the deposit, have some money to invest and have tried the demo mode. Now all you have to do is indicate the earnings you want to make and the software will take care of the rest, automatically.

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Bitcoin rush

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This software is ideal for beginners, not only because it offers ideal features for all types of users, but also because its platform is quite easy to use and you don't need to be an expert doing it.

With Bitcoin Rush you can make profits up to a maximum of $ 1500 for every $ 250 invested, without being an expert, you just have to spend a little time, a few minutes a day, to configure the software.

Does Amarillo Slim use Bitcoin Rush?

As we have already said in this post, there is no evidence to prove it, but by taking a look on the web you can find many voices talking about it.

The truth is that the world of poker, especially internet poker, is tied to cryptocurrencies, so it wouldn't be strange to see Amarillo Slim as the symbolic image of Bitcoin trading robots.

How to create an account and trade with Bitcoin Rush?

To generate money with Bitcoin Rush you just have to let the robot do all the work for you, and for this reason, the only requirement is to create an account within the platform. We tell you how to do it in 4 very simple steps:

  • Register and confirm your details. By simply entering some personal information such as name, surname and email address, you can easily create your account. After that you will only have to verify your identity through some of the options offered by Bitcoin Rush et voilà, you will have created your account.
  • Activate your account and familiarize yourself with the Bitcoin Rush options. Among the options you will find the demo account, very useful for trading with fake money and doing some practice, although as we have already told you, the robot will do almost everything for you.
  • Deposit $ 250 to start earning real money. You can do this with the different payment methods that the platform makes available to you. Remember that this software is free. If you deposit $ 250 it's only because you will have to use it in trading.
  • Configure the software and relax. Now you just have to watch how the robot makes money for you. You just have to indicate the profit limits, the markets you are interested in and the estimated amounts of periodic profits, and the robot will do all the work for you. We recommend using it between 8 and 10 hours a day.

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There is no evidence to support the rumors that speak of Amarillo Slim's involvement with these trading robots. However, it is very likely that the famous poker player has invested in cryptocurrencies or one of the robots, as this is a fairly common practice in the world of online poker. However, we believe the most important thing here is the fact that these robots are really effective and profitable.