Increase your portfolio returns and exceed Bitcoin by 189%!

Digital currencies are making headlines as tomorrow's currency and are being adopted by governments and companies internationally. They are a hedge against a potential downturn in the global economyas evidenced in recent times, this is because they have no correlation with global equity and bond markets, making them an intelligent addition to any portfolio. But knowing which leaders will be tomorrow can be fraught with risks and uncertainties.

Increase your portfolio returns and exceed Bitcoin by 189%! - isonex capital

With over 2000 digital currencies, it would require a huge investment of time and effort to keep up with your investments.

Until now in the cryptocurrency market they were missing investment instruments which so far have benefited the traditional investor. And if there was a way to invest in tomorrow's technologies that:

1) presents a lower risk;
2) greater liquidity;
3) Eliminates the need to devote all your time to research and technical analysis;
4) Where fluctuations in the single currency were no longer a daily problem;

Well there is now.

IEO launchpad by ExMarkets - Isonex Capita

We are excited to present the latest addition to the IEO launchpad from ExMarkets - Isonex Capital.
Isonex Capital is an investment management company with a digital currency index. Officially founded in the 2018, the team is made up of specialists in the areas of finance, IT security and blockchain technology who share the ambition to offer legitimate and secure investment management in the digital asset market.

Recognizing the complexity of investments in digital assets, Isonex Capital meticulously designed IX15, the world's first digital currency index fund with the same weight token that includes the first 15 digital currencies with the same dollar weighting each. The fund is rebalanced every 30 days, this means that whatever happens to each individual digital currency, IX15 owners will always hold the first 15 digital currencies on each rebalancing.

Unlike traditional ICOs, Isonex Capital is self-financed at 100% and fully developed, furthermore the IX15 fund token is backed 100% by the digital assets it is invested in, making it one of the safest token investments available on the market today, and a must add to any cryptocurrency wallet. Whether you are a cryptocurrency day trader or a long-term buy & hold investor, IX15 can improve your portfolio returns and reduce portfolio risk.

Here's how IX15 outperforms Bitcoins by more than 189%.

Isonex Capital's IEO will start on 15 October and will be distributed on 3 round with variable discounts.

  • Round I: 15 October 2019-21 October 2019 | Price: $ 1,00 USD | Discount: 9,09%;
  • Round II: 22 October 2019-28 October 2019 | Price: $ 1,05 USD | Discount: 4,55%;
  • Round III: 28 October 2019-29 November 2019 | Price: $ 1,10 USD | Discount: 0%

"Our mission is to create an opportunity to become a successful digital asset investor through our easy to understand, transparent, low cost and secure investment strategy - IX15"

Find out more about the project by visiting the website of the ISONEX cryptographic index fund or join the chat of the Isonex Capital community. You can also find their next page IEO on the ExMarkets Launchpad. Take a look and set a reminder on your phone for the launch date!

Increase your portfolio returns and exceed Bitcoin by 189%! - how ix15 works

IX15 for Crypto investors

Currently, in order to create a diversified portfolio of digital resources, it is necessary to manage a multiplicity of cryptocurrency exchange accounts and digital portfolios. These challenges are compounded by factors such as cognitive bias in trading, inefficient trade execution / portfolio rebalancing, timely account access and the choice of the next digital currency winner.

Index funds are classified as an investment "Passive or passive" due to the lack of an active fund manager who buys and sells constantly on a whim, a strategy that involves higher risks and commissions, but not necessarily higher returns, especially in the long term. "Smart Beta" index funds such as IX15 offer a safer alternative for individuals and institutions who wish to invest in a stable asset without having to monitor daily price movements.

ISONEX Capital has analyzed the price data of the last 5 years and has classified 40 different portfolios for performance and risk characteristics.
The portfolio of equal weight from 15 rebalanced coins every 30 day has outperformed all the other portfolios using consolidated results in all the tested periods, measured by the compound annual growth rate (CAGR), maximum absorption (MDD), return on maximum absorption (RoMaD), consistency of monthly returns and mobile window methodologies.

IX15 has outperformed Bitcoin and weighted by market capitalization in the last 5 years both upward and downward. See the results for you in the IX15 white paper.

Combination of IX15 with traditional activities

The IX15 token is built on the basis of the low correlated nature of digital currencies with bonds and stocks. It offers diversification options to investors who understand the importance of hedging against possible losses suffered in traditional capital markets.

With this in mind, retrospective tests have shown that IX15 can increase returns on an average equity / bond portfolio by more than 20% over a period of 5,5 years without compromising risk levels, providing investors with a disciplined rebalancing strategy to ensure consistent weightings of target assets. Take a look at the proprietary analysis of Isonex Capital and find out how you too can achieve this!

The IX15 token is a seamless access point to the digital asset market for all types of investors:
• net asset value (NAV) per token calculated based on the NAV of the underlying assets
• has an intrinsic and verifiable value
• liquidity through the intelligent contract allows investors to cash out their investments immediately and at any time
• income from the stake reinvested in the fund
• minimum price protection features
• scheduled automatic investments (only participants in the sale of tokens)
Furthermore, Isonex Capital offers investors an advantage by using a trading algorithm based on artificial intelligence that allows the fund to identify the safest and most economical paths to buy or sell managed digital resources.

Visit for a better understanding of IX15 by reading the official white paper or light paper or watch the explanatory video on Youtube.

Foundations of tokens
● Ticker: IX15;
● Standard price: $ 1,00 USD;
● Bonus: Yes, ((5-9%) depending on the IEO round);
● KYC: Yes;
● Softcap / Hardcap: N / A / $ 16.350.000;
● Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, EURO;
● Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20);
● Restricted countries: Cayman Islands, United States, Bahamas, Botswana, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen;

ISONEX Capital is completely self-financed, is fully developed and supported at 100% by a basket of digital currencies which makes it an unrivaled solution for individuals seeking to find a manual investment option in the digital asset market.

"We have high hopes for the ISONEX Capital project because it truly meets the needs of the market. Many people have an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies but have no knowledge of how to do it, especially the older generations who are familiar with traditional markets. And you must also consider the fact that IX15 is completely developed, ISONEX is not selling a promise, it is selling a product ”- commented Dylan Sharkey, sales manager of ExMarkets and CoinStruction.

The initial exchange offer ISONEX starts the 15 October and consists of 3 round. It is worthwhile to come and participate early and make sure of the largest possible investment bonus. Don't forget to open an account at ExMarkets and prepare for the sale if you haven't already.