Samoyedcoi's market cap increases, but Tamadoge's will be bigger

Samoyedcoi's market cap increases, but Tamadoge's will be bigger - market capitalization stocks data istock 850496336Meme coins have taken the cryptocurrency market by storm over the past year. One meme coin that has become very popular over the past year is Samoyedcoin (SAMO). The peculiarity of Samoyedcoin is that it was created on the Solana blockchain.

Samoyedcoin's market capitalization increases

SAMO hit an all-time high of $ 0,236 in October last year. However, it took a hit from the 2022 bear market, down around 95% from all-time highs.

However, SAMO's early investors are still enjoying substantial returns. The coin's annual earnings are 82%, with growth of over 1300% since April last year. SAMO is one of the small cap cryptocurrencies. It has a market capitalization of approximately $ 34 million and ranks 507th among the largest cryptocurrencies.

Solana has been ranked as one of the best blockchains in the market for the way it promotes scalability through high speeds and low fees. Samoyedcoin is aimed at investors who want to buy a "dog-themed" project on the Solana blockchain. SAMO offers Solana users the chance to be part of the meme coin craze.

SAMO has the potential to reach $ 1 thanks to the popularity of the Solana blockchain. However, Solana still lags behind Ethereum when it comes to Total Locked Value (TVL). The huge Ethereum community has attracted many developers to the net. Furthermore, the Ethereum network is moving towards proof-of-stake consensus, which could solve the problem of slowness and high transaction fees in the long term.

Tamadoge will be bigger than Samoyedcoin

Samoyedcoin stood out for its operation on the Solana blockchain. However, another new meme coin has launched with a better utility and fundamentals than Samoyedcoin, which gives it significant earning potential in the future.

Tamadoge is a cryptocurrency currently on presale. So far, the Tamadoge presale raised more than $ 9 million, which means less than 40% of the presale tokens are left. Tamadoge is attracting a lot of interest in its goal of providing utility through the operation of a play-to-earn network.

The Tamaverse is a metaverse platform that allows players to create, feed and fight with their Tamadoge pets. Players who win against other players can earn rewards through TAMA tokens. TAMA became the first meme coin to enter the P2E industry. Given the forecasts on the growth of the blockchain gaming ecosystem, TAMA tokens could see significant gains.

Another unique feature of Tamadoge is the limited supply of 2 billion coins. This differs from most meme coins, which usually have a large offer. Strong tokenomics creates demand that can fuel price gains for TAMA.

One of the things to note about Tamadoge is that the team has a solid roadmap. As soon as the presale is over, the team will focus on listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges.