Bankera ICO what we think of it

Bankera ICO what we think: the problem with all ico is the fact that until they become money (mineable or buyable and traded on exchanges) they remain only a project.

Bankera ico

is full of advertising, comments and much more on the web about this ambitious project: to create a real bank in all respects (the first bank in the world that accepts cryptocurrencies as if it were money)

Video Explanation Bankera

We talk about:

  • current accounts
  • Loans
  • mortgages
  • credit cards
  • cryptocurrency exchange

So all that a normal bank would do with the addition of virtual coins.

To buy the coin BNK you have to click on the image

Bankera ICO what we think of it - bankera ico

takes you back to the website which is an exchange, where you can buy BNK in euros or simply in other currencies.

the current cost is

Bankera ICO what we think of it - bnk cost

bnk cost

Dividends, the site also promises to divide the dividends, for example:

if you have a million BNKs you have a dividend of 40 euro (in eth)

Why believe in Bankera

honestly it is a very interesting project and there are many investors in the field, it is the first bank, there are no others, there are about 40 people working on it…

I believe it, however, know that on ico there is no certainty that they will become money and that they are worth more than the money invested.