Belfast Coin: the token is coming

Coming soon Belfast Coins! There Brexit it is highlighting the scenario of a hard confrontation between London and the Irish island. Although the former industrial stronghold was the fastest growing economy in the UK after London between 1998 and 2007, the financial crisis hit the country hard.

Growth has stagnated since 2008 and Belfast has experienced the most this year low rate of economic growth among all major British cities.

The fate of the internal-Irish border is also considered the critical point of the ongoing negotiations on the British exit from the EU.

The Republic of Ireland insists on the free movement of goods and passengers between countries, even now after a prolonged period of negotiations for Brexit, which foresees a tough external border between the United Kingdom and the EU.

Belfast: the future of the Irish economy

Belfast has been a member of the Rockefeller Foundation's 2016 resilient cities initiative since 100, along with Athens, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Rome and cities and communities around the world.

The Rockefeller project aims to create defense mechanisms.
The funds, the project envisaged, were used to build future economic, social and environmental challenges.

On the other hand, the initiative claimed to bring growth especially where these challenges can already be present today.

Il Belfast Coins it is part of this broad regional promotion strategy. It was developed by Coke, a technology platform based in Great Britain and Tel Aviv, which has already successfully developed tokens for other cities, this time in partnership with the Belfast City Council.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co., the Belfast Coin is not developed on the blockchain technology and it cannot be easily exchanged for the British pound.

Belfast Coin: a prize to citizens

Belfast city administration announced the arrival of the Belfast Coin cryptocurrency expected later this year.

It will be a prize for the exemplary behavior of citizens: virtuous recycling, volunteering, care of green areas and vegetable gardens, or participation in civic and ecological activities: for all this, the inhabitants of the metropolis will soon receive incentives in the form of Belfast Coin.

Residents will be able to download the Colu App to be synchronized with your bank card on which to receive Belfast Coins directly which will be accepted as payment at shops and businesses throughout the city, including bars and restaurants.

Local companies interested in using Belfast Coin are encouraged to register as of now at:

Il Colu CEO, says the city's currency will encourage positive civic interactions and stimulate development: "Belfast Coin will make a huge contribution to the development of the city - economically, socially and beyond. "

Belfast Coin will bring together all the different actors in the city, allowing residents, companies, NGOs, community groups and educational institutions to work together to achieve the same goals.