Bill Gates is more optimistic about the pandemic than Donald Trump

Bill Gates is more optimistic about the pandemic than Donald Trump - 960x0Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, who warned five years ago that the greatest threat to the world is a pandemic, believes that the current crisis due to the new coronavirus is "a nightmare scenario", but it could be worse.

A global pandemic and afterwards we will never be the same again!

Although the spread of coronavirus seems an unnatural phenomenon, it is real. And what is even more real is the death of hundreds of thousands of people. Coronavirus has started to spread from China.

However, the country with the largest number of infected (and even dead) people is currently the United States. According to the latest information, the United States has more than 320.000 people infected with the coronavirus.

About 8.500 people are in critical condition while 16.600 people have recovered. The death toll in the United States is currently 9.132. Globally, there are over 1,2 million cases and at least 67.258 deaths.

Trump plans a death toll of 240.000

U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated statements by White House health adviser Anthony Fauci that the death toll could have reached 240.000 before the outbreak was under control.

However, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates doesn't think so. He told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that it is "very important" that these figures are told so that people understand the gravity of the situation.

Gates, who resigned from Microsoft's board of directors last month to focus on his philanthropic efforts, particularly those relating to the search for the COVID-19 vaccine, said that if people continue to practice safe social distancing and remain in quarantine, cases are expected to begin to stabilize towards the end of this month. He also added that things should not "return to normal until we have a vaccine that is available practically worldwide."

Bill Gates says that covid-19 is not the worst case of a pandemic

While he admitted that the coronavirus pandemic is "very, very bad", Gates said it is "not the worst case". He went on to compare the low mortality rate of COVID-19 compared to a disease like smallpox.

Gates noted that once the number of virus cases decreases and the world begins to return to normal, the economy is likely to show itself "less lively" as people may be afraid to attend large meetings or travel.

However, he stressed that once everything is over, the economy will be "bigger" than before the COVID-19 epidemic. Previously, Gates pointed out that the United States has lost the opportunity to anticipate the new coronavirus, but that there is still time to do something.

Last month, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged to invest $ 50 million to support the development of drugs used in the treatment of COVID-19. Gates estimated that it will take around 18 months to develop the coronavirus vaccine for public use.