Binance announces the launch of its own research division

Binance announces the launch of its own research division. Important news from one of the most famous Exchange in the world.

Binance announces the launch of its own research division - binance

Binance announced a few days ago that it wants to diversify its activities and that, for this purpose, it has prepared and launched successfully Binance Research, a research sub-project whose task is to provide in-depth and objective information on token upcoming - presumably, the tokens that will then be listed on their exchange.

Binance Research is a new pillar of the ecosystem Binance, focused on the creation of institutional level research reports, with the aim of increasing transparency and improving the quality of information available within the cryptographic space.

For the moment, the division has already produced two rather in-depth dossiers, of an objective nature. Both have been accompanied by a warning not to use them for "investment purposes", although this is - of course - the primary purpose for most traders (to get information at 360 degrees about a potential investment opportunity).

About these files, the first is based on LOOM, and is one of the many scalable solutions for the blockchain. The second is based instead on GoChain, and it is an independent blockchain that is interoperable with Ethereum and boasts some improvements, although it has not yet generated a massive steamrolling network effect that would be needed to truly compete with Ethereum in a realistic way.

Reports analyze complex ideas, but perhaps not in a simple language. It will take some familiarity with the products to fully understand the concepts used in the reports. In short, the technicalities that abound in the two reports seem to make it clear that the objective of Binance Research is also to produce high-level contents, and not superficial analyzes on some of the most tendentious aspects in the crypto-value ecosystem.

However, the reports also provide important and more expendable information for everyday investors, regardless of their technical expertise - such as the moving average volumes and more information about the team behind the various projects, two important metrics of which Investors are taken into account when considering high-risk investments such as ICOs or tokens in general.

With a beautiful presentation, the new Binance Research project is therefore likely to add further added value to the exchange towards its many loyal traders. Binance was one of the first exchanges to finance its launch through an ICO, as it was later carried out by Cobinhood (so far, however, both seem to prove its feasibility).