Binance how to recover the crypto fractions

Binance how to recover crypto fractions: 

Binance is one of the largest exchange in circulation, performance platform, lots of cryptocurrencies you can buy, such as Iota, Monero, Verge.

You cannot buy them directly with card or bank transfer but only deposit ETH or BTC BNB and then buy coins with them.

Binance how to recover the crypto fractions

one thing that makes Binance users go on a rampage is the fact that when cryptocurrencies are sold and a few cents remain, they cannot be sold further as the platform does not allow you to sell anything below a certain quote.

Certainly we speak of a few cents, but for those who often use the exchange we often find ourselves with a series of cents and fractions of crypto, obviously put together to make a good figure.

Crypto fraction recovery guide

Go to your account, press funds, press small balances and then convert to BNB.

In short, we convert everything into BNB and recover the various cents in this way.

I also put you a video guide.