Binance Jersey launches its stablecoin anchored to the value of the pound

Binance Jersey launches its stablecoin anchored to the value of the sterling - sterling sterling

Binance Jersey, the Binance branch which has its headquarters in Europe, and which allows the purchase and sale of digital currencies with both Euros and pounds, has left an official notice announcing that it will launch a new digital currency, or rather a stablecoin, which will see its value anchored to that of the pound. The new currency will be called Binance GBP Stablecoin. 

The CFO of Binance explained that inside the Binance community and also in the general market there is a strong demand from users and investors for a wider diversification in the field of stablecoins, including currencies linked to the value of the pound. For this reason the company has decided to respond to requests creating the BGBP. 

Binance Jersey also wanted to ensure that in the near future, in addition to the creation of the new stablecoin, there will be other innovations such as the possibility of supporting a greater number of cryptocurrencies, in order to improve the overall user experience on the platform. 

The Binance Jersey exchange compared to others it is very young, in fact the project was only started in January. The decision was made to expand the market Binance and its exchange also to Europe with its FIAT coins, thus opening up new opportunities for all those residing in these countries. Through the Binance Jearsy platform, as stated by Wei Zhou, we want to bridge the gap that exists between the coins FIAT and cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom and in the rest of Europe. 

This however is not the only exchange platform that is thinking of creating a cryptocurrency anchored to FIAT coins, in fact there are other exchange platforms like Huobi and OKEx who announced the launch of stablecoin in the coming months.