Binance ready to launch its new stablecoin in at most two months

Cryptocurrency Binance Exchange is preparing for the planning of the launch of a new one stablecoin which will most likely be officially presented in the next two months. The news that has been around for a while now has been confirmed by Wei Zhou, a Chef Financial Officer of the company, during a recent interview which was published by the financial newspaper Bloomberg. 

The financial officer of the company has confirmed that the new cryptocurrency can also be distributed within a few weeks, the maximum waiting time in any case will be no more than two months. The company's goal is that to go and create different stablecoins, which can be anchored to the value of some traditional currencies, and not only to the US dollar. 

Binance GPB: the first stablecoin 

The first stablecoin that decided to launch the exchange it will be Binance GBP. In this case, the price of the cryptocurrency will be tied to that of the British pound. After this, many other stablecoins will be introduced, all anchored to the value of traditional currencies. According to Zhou, the reason for this initiative derives from the point of view of users on the stablecoin, in fact according to him only some areas of the world use the dollar.

Many other users employ other currencies and think that stablecoin should exist for them too. In recent days Binance has also released its Trust Wallet on the decentralized trading platform Binance DEX. This integration will allow DEX users to keep the counter of their funds, while at the same time enjoying faster and faster trading services.