Bitcoin at a turning point, according to Anthony Pompliano

Bitcoin at a turning point, according to Anthony Pompliano - Anthony Pompliano new

Anthony Pompliano is a very well-known name in the world of cryptocurrencies. Founder of the cryptocurrency asset management company Morgan Creek Digital Assets, has long been declared strenuous advocate of Bitcoin, so much so that we could see an increase in the price that would make it exceed 100 thousand dollars in the 2021.
Precisely for this reason it is often consulted by specialized press bodies, giving interviews that rarely sin of trivia. As he recently did for CNBC, in a chat as usual very interesting in which he reiterated his ideas about BTC, affirming his confidence in a bright future for the most famous cryptocurrency.

For Bitcoin the turning point is getting closer

In particular, Pompliano stated during this interview that for the creation attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto the turning point is now near. At the basis of his declaration he placed a series of very indicative events, starting with the decisive increase in the adoption and safety rate that characterizes investors, which would be the most concrete result of the the network hash rate continues to grow, which recently reached a new peak, reaching 82,5 TH / s. To better understand the importance of this data, it is necessary to remember that the hash rate of a cryptocurrency is a parameter through which it becomes possible to understand the amount of calculations that a network can perform over the course of a second. Precisely for this reason it is also used to identify the level of competition achieved by the mines of digital currency in question in order to win the rewards related to the generation of new blocks. A higher hash rate, in particular, also implies a more secure network, with the related advantages that can be achieved for users.

The importance of infrastructure

Another event indicated as very important for the future of Bitcoin was later indicated by Pompliano in the recent approval in the United States of Bakkt a platform for physical futures contracts based on Bitcoin, whose launch is officially scheduled for September 23 this year.
To understand its importance, it is necessary to remember how the launch of new infrastructure intended to support it, will make BTC's future more and more secure, reassuring the markets that it will not only develop further, but also that it will not disappear as can happen to projects that cannot benefit from adequate development plans.

Bitcoin is intended to enter the institutional investor portfolio

In light of the above, Pompliano has therefore stated that in the near future BTC is expected to enter the portfolio of large institutional investors. A forecast also based on a phenomenon that has openly affected the virtual currency over the past few months, or the transformation into a real refuge asset, in which investors see a plausible alternative to riskier assets in conjunction with global crises. To understand how we are dealing with words that are certainly not façades, it will be enough at this point to remember how Pompliano himself has the half of its substantial assets invested in Bitcoin.