Bitcoin, even for JP Morgan, can become a safe haven

Bitcoin, even for JP Morgan, can become a safe haven: The investment bank changes its mind about virtual currencies.

For the moment we are still used to talking about it in speculative and highly volatile terms, but it is by no means excluded that in the near future - perhaps, not even too far away - bitcoin can they become a safe haven, well shelter, like gold. To support it is also JP Morgan, which in the last few days has definitively completed its own personal inversion on cryptocurrency valuations.

Bitcoin, even for JP Morgan, can become a safe haven - trading 31

JP Morgan's views on cryptocurrencies

In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph by Nikolas Panigritzoglou, an analyst with JP Morgan, the expert said that the Bitcoin it would have all the air of being able to become one of the most important emerging assets in the coming years, thanks also to the opening of the "official finance" occurred a few days ago with the confirmation of the launch of the first future based on Bitcoin, and quoted at CM extension. In other words, while before the investments in Bitcoin had to "pass" through markets similar to the over the counter, today speculative trading with bitcoins will be able to take advantage of a typical structure of the regulated markets and, in them, of the best known regulated market on futures.

In addition, the analyst says he is convinced that the role of bitcoins will become more and more authoritative month after month, giving a new image of credibility and reliability to the entire galaxy of cryptocurrencies, in which - however - not all assets seem to have the same solidity characteristics of the bitcoin sector.

Bitcoin, even for JP Morgan, can become a safe haven - trading 32

Investments in cryptocurrencies

In addition to the above, Panigirtzoglou has estimated that since 2009 to date investments in cryptocurrencies have been made for about 6 billion dollars, and that of these uses the richest slice has intuitively gone into bitcoins. And for the future?

Although for the moment Bitcoin did not exceed gold in terms of absolute value, the analyst points out how cryptocurrency today they are worth more than $ 300 billion, no longer so distant from the $ 1.500 billion in value of all gold circulating outside of central banks.