Bitcoin, Brexit and other crises could push the price upwards?

Could Bitcoin, Brexit and other crises push its price higher? - Bitcoin in a wallet

Many analysts agree in believing a real explosion for the Bitcoin listing is very likely, in the next months. Self Anthony Pompliano it even goes so far as to predict the breaking of 100 thousand dollars by 2021, many others have nevertheless claimed to expect a remarkable growth of the cryptocurrency queen. A prediction which, moreover, is based on political conditions which seem to push with considerable force in this direction.

Boris Johnson's Brexit

The first and most powerful factor of crisis, in global politics, is represented by Brexit. The advent of Boris Johnson at the head of the conservatories and the United Kingdom, he laid the foundations for one hard exit of the country from the European Union, or without a prior agreement. If this happens, and the moment is getting closer, there could be a very serious trauma for the eurozone, which would add to the formation of an Anglo-Saxon axis whose main purpose would be precisely the weakening of the continental union. Considered as the moment of hard Brexit is approaching, it is not difficult to predict that a BTC now considered to be the same as well shelter from an increasing number of investors, it could jump upwards already by the end of the current year.

The Italian crisis

Another crisis has erupted in the last few hours which could have significant consequences for a European Union already dealing with Brexit. The leader of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, in fact decided to pull the plug on the government led by Giuseppe Conte. In this way it has opened a crisis whose solution is difficult to see, considered as Parliament out of the last elections does not have a clear majority, so as to have to resort to a coalition government between extremely different forces such as M5S and Lega. A crisis that could still continue for months, before finding a solution or leading to a return to the polls which could prove to be non-conclusive, considering how the electoral law in force makes it difficult to indicate a clear winner.

The Spanish crisis

While Italy suddenly finds itself exposed to the winds of the crisis, another large Mediterranean country, in turn, tries to resolve its own. It's about the Spain, out of the polls with the winning PSOE, but forced to find allies for the formation of the government.

Pedro Sánchez, the party secretary who came out of the polls, however, is unable to find them, due to the opposition of the leftist populist movement We can. Presenting himself in front of the Iberian Parliament for the investiture ceremony, Sanchez was practically stopped by the lack of the number of deputies necessary to have confidence and he now has 60 days before being forced to throw in the towel. In this case his resignation handed over to the king of Spain could lead the country to Fourth elections within four years, making the situation even more complicated, also in consideration of the fact that a new electoral round could result in further nothing. With notable consequences also on the estate of the European Union.