Bitcoin Cash (BCH) extends the domain in Burger Wars

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) extends the domain in Burger Wars - BCH Burger KingBitcoin Cash (BCH) was adopted by a Burger King restaurant in Slovenia, making it the first cryptocurrency to be transferable to physical Burger King stores.

A video posted on social media on Friday shows two Bitcoin Cash users paying for their food using BCH from their mobile wallets.

Slovenia has become a cryptocurrency hotspot in recent years. Already over 300 merchants accept BCH as a payment method.

The adoption of BCH in Slovenia has been accelerated by the efforts of GoCrypto, a company specialized in providing merchants with the tools necessary to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The video was posted on Twitter by Dejan Roljic, CEO of Eligma, who oversees CryptoGo. Roljic announced Burger King's adoption of BCH, tweeting:

Official BurgerKing has just accepted BitcoinCash and GoC as a payment option in Slovenia. BurgerKing is now part of the GoCrypto family and is the first physical BurgerKing location in the world to accept encryption.

CryptoGo operates outside Slovenia and in recent years has pushed the adoption of cryptocurrencies within its national borders. The country's largest shopping center in Ljubljana contains a third of all the nation's stores that accept cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash: the merchant's favorite cryptocurrency?

As for the reason why Burger King has decided to accept Bitcoin Cash and not the best known bitcoin (BTC), the reasons are twofold.

First of all, bitcoin remains cumbersome and impractical as a quick payment method due to high commissions and long confirmation times. Imagine a rush hour coffee shop where customers have to wait 20 minutes after paying just to make sure the transaction is successful.

Bitcoin's Lightning network tries to fill this gap by introducing instant BTC payments. But according to the Lightning Network Stores website, only 360 merchants accept bitcoin payments Lightning Network worldwide at the time of writing.

Second, - BCH supporters - previously invested $ 4 million in Eligma / GoCrypto. This according to former CEO, now executive president, Roger Ver. Reacting to the news that Bitcoin Cash had been accepted on Burger King, Ver tweeted:

That $ 4 million investment BitcoinCom just conducted in @eligmacom is really starting to pay off! BurgerKing is now accepting BitcoinCash with more positions to follow!

Despite 40 times less market capitalization than BTC, Bitcoin Cash remains a popular choice among merchants thanks to low commissions and almost instant transaction times. merchant map data shows 197 Australian merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash. In October 2019, BCH transactions represented 92% of the value of all cryptocurrency payments made within the country.