Bitcoin Cash: value and future forecasts

Il Bitcoin has undergone one fork that gave birth to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash, which represents the alternative version to the gold of cryptocurrencies through which it is possible to finally resolve the congestion problems of the BTC platform transactions. What is its current value and what are the future forecasts?

Bitcoin Cash: what is it?  

Bitcoin Cash is thedecentralized digital asset P2P which is used to make transactions over the Internet.

In fact, thanks to Bitcoin Cash it is possible to make faster transactions and with a check system partly different from the gold of digital assets.

The speed of transactions is ensured by the fact that the individual blocks extracted are from 8Mb.

Bitcoin Cash can be purchased on Changelly, and on TheRockTrading and Bitcoin can be exchanged with Bitcoin Cash in addition to the possibility of buying BTC.

How much is 1 Bitcoin Cash worth?

What value does 1 Bitcoin Cash have in euros or US dollars? Like any other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash is subject to the fluctuations in values ​​to which other cryptocurrencies are also subjected.

Today 16 April, the Bitcoin Cash it's the same as 276,86 € or 312,56 US dollars. In the last few hours it has proven to be well toned and continues to trade in positive territory.

Currently, the resistors are positioned at 380 and 410, while lower down we find supports for 310, 250, 200, 160, 120, 95, 75 and 50 dollars.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin Cash?

Given the positive trend in Bitcoin Cash, investing in this cryptocurrency allows you to diversify investments.

Therefore, for the year 2019 the Bitcoin Cash could increase its value considerably, due to the mass adoption of this currency by investors and users.

What is expected is certainly a large capitalization and a consequent strong increase in its listing.