Bitcoin, how to use them in Rome to buy physical goods

Bitcoin, how to use them in Rome to buy physical goods: the number of businesses that accept bitcoin payments is growing in the capital.

Bitcoin, how to use them in Rome to buy physical goods - bitcoin088

More and more often we talk about the possibility of using i bitcoin as a payment instrument, and not just for investment. Well, even if we talk about it in a more convinced way in terms of projection, it is good not to forget that in reality already now several commercial businesses "on the road" offer the possibility of being able to buy physical goods with the best known and widespread cryptocurrency of the IT world;.

Bitcoin, how to use them in Rome to buy physical goods

According to what some Capitoline newspapers remembered not too many days ago, in Rome alone with a little patience it is possible to find dozens of shops that accept payments in virtual currency, with a now proven system: the customer interested in using his own criptovaluta as a means of commercial settlement, it pays for photographing a code with it smartphone, which provides the go-ahead for the process of bitcoin transfer from his digital wallet to that of the merchant.

Buy apartments with Bitcoin in Rome

Moreover, woe to think that with i bitcoin only coffee and goods of low absolute value can be paid. In San Lorenzo the example of the possibility of paying in is well known bitcoin apartments for sale in the De Lollis complex, while the studios of professionals who also accept payments in bitcoin.

Of course, however, the majority of exhibitors offering this possibility have a more frequent commodity nature: pants, shoes and sweaters, can be purchased in bitcoins in numerous Capitoline sales outlets, while in Rome one always finds what one defines as being the first Rolex retailer in the world to accept bitcoin payments.

Of course, from the willingness to accept bitcoin payments, to the possibility of being able to actually cash them out, the distance is quite wide. However, this is also a sign of change and, probably, also a sign of the need to give cryptocurrencies a new development impulse less tied to the speculative world.