If you are an experienced digital currency trader, chances are you have already heard of automated trading robots. The thing that makes them so popular is the astronomical returns they are able to offer to their users. One of the most popular robots in the world, is without a doubt Bitcoin Compass, a software that offers the possibility of earning thousands of dollars a day, investing only $ 250 as initial capital. But is it really reliable? Keep reading our Bitcoin Compass review to find out!

What is Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass is an automatic trading software, which promises to help traders generate high profits by speculating on the rise and fall of the prices of Bitcoin, the digital currency par excellence. Furthermore, this software also helps traders in terms of market analysis and saves a lot of time, since it does not require traders to carry out the analyzes manually, because it does it itself automatically. This way, he always knows when to open and close a position, without human intervention.Bitcoin Compass review: reliable or not? 🥇 The ultimate proof! - bitcoin compass logo

Once their trading account is opened, all the trader needs to do is monitor their activities, a few minutes a day. Bitcoin Compass works thanks to computer algorithms that are able to simulate the best strategies of the most experienced traders on the planet.

The developers of this software are former Wall Street traders and acquaintances of advanced programming. The background of the developers is what made this software probably so accurate. In fact, the website states that the software can guarantee 99,9% accuracy! We have verified this ourselves, but not only, because on many sites you can read very positive user reviews about Bitcoin Compass. Plus, the best part is that you only need a minimum investment of $ 250 to get started.

Is Bitcoin Compass a scam?

When it comes to Bitcoin auto trading software, it's easy to come across online reviews that talk about scams. Thanks to our tests, we answered the question: Is Bitcoin Compass scam or not? Well, the answer is NO. Bitcoin Compass is a program that works and on top of that, it offers many advantages. Here's a quick rundown of what we found:

  • It is a reliable software and not only we say it, but also the many users who have written a positive online review.
  • The fact that this software earns by taking a small commission from traders' profits means that its main interest is to make its traders earn as much as possible.
  • Novice traders should first read all the guides offered by the website to understand the platform 100% and maybe start trading with a demo account.
  • It is not necessary to invest more than necessary to make profits, 250 $ is more than enough. Once you make your first profits, you can invest more to increase your earnings.

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How does Bitcoin Compass work?

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Bitcoin Compass is a software that can automatically analyze the most important data related to the Bitcoin market, and then open and close the operations on your own. In short, it is a robot that can make profitable decisions and make you money while you are at work, watching TV or sleeping!

How does it work? It's very simple. The robot uses advanced mathematical algorithms to analyze the financial markets, as do more experienced traders, but manually. These algorithms allow him to spot future asset price movements and bet on the safe side.

The developers of Bitcoin Compass claim that the software is capable of returning 99,4% accuracy. However, the most experienced traders will not be forced to put all their activities in the hands of an automated robot, in fact, Bitcoin Compass can be used both in automatic and manual mode. Thanks to such a high level of accuracy, the users who deposited the most were able to earn up to $ 1300 per day, which is impressive! Those who deposit as little as $ 250 are likely to earn less, but hey, it's still passive income!

The beauty of all this is that no previous experience in the world of finance is required to use this software, everyone can use it. From novice to experienced traders to test their trading strategies.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Compass

Creating a new account with Bitcoin Compass is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Do you want to find out how and start earning with cryptocurrency trading right away? Read below!

1. registration

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The first step involves providing the platform with your personal information, such as name and email address, in the form found on the official Bitcoin Compass page. After that, the site asks you to create a secure password. The site takes the security of its users very seriously and therefore, will automatically reject weak passwords. Furthermore, it is protected by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which means that all communications between the customer and the platform are encrypted.

2. Demo account

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After opening your account and depositing the funds through one of the many payment methods made available by the platform, you can start trading. We recommend starting with a demo account for the less experienced. This is because it offers the possibility of getting to know the platform, without risking your own capital. We also recommend reading the guides and tutorials on the site. With that done, you can start using a real money account as soon as you feel ready.

3. Real account

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To start trading live with this robot, you will need to have made a deposit of at least $ 250. Beware, this is not the cost of the software, but the money it will use on your behalf to open and close trades on your account. Once the auto trading activity has started, it will take you less than twenty minutes a day to choose your preferred trading settings and monitor trades for the first few minutes.

Key features of Bitcoin Compass

There are several features that have made Bitcoin Compass so popular with users, but without a shadow of a doubt, these are the most important:


The software is safe and reliable. The Bitcoin Compass opinions found online are written by satisfied users who have never had security problems with the platform.

Costumer Services

A good platform is also evaluated by the customer service it offers to its subscribers. Bitcoin Compass boasts 24/7 customer service and can be contacted in a variety of ways. No matter what time of day or night you need help, Bitcoin Compass is there.

Deposits and withdrawals

As with deposits, withdrawals on Bitcoin Compass are also quick and easy. We tried the service personally and after making a withdrawal request, the money arrived in our bank account in less than 36 hours.

Is Bitcoin Compass also used by celebrities?

In addition to finding numerous positive online reviews that talked about Bitcoin Compass and its high rate of return, we also came across some celebrity articles talking about their use of the platform. Here's what we found.

Lorenzo JovanottiFlavio BriatorePeter Jones

Bitcoin Compass review: reliable or not? 🥇 The ultimate proof! - Jovanotti Bitcoin

The famous Italian singer has repeatedly claimed that he bought Bitcoin through authorized platforms such as Bitcoin Compass. We haven't seen him on the stages of Italy for quite a while, is it that his "belly" is too full of digital currencies? Apparently these claims are all false and he has not endorsed any trading software.

Bitcoin Compass review: reliable or not? 🥇 The ultimate proof! - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution

 The well-known entrepreneur and multimillionaire certainly doesn't need the Bitcoin Compass to boost his fortunes, but there are claims of him supporting and using this and other programs, such as Bitcoin Era, to test his trading strategies. Perhaps not everyone knows that Briatore is also a skilled financial investor! All these claims are false and cannot be confirmed.

Bitcoin Compass review: reliable or not? 🥇 The ultimate proof! - peter

Peter Jones appeared while giving several interviews to online media, where he openly declares that he is using Bitcoin Compass as the main platform for trading cryptocurrencies online. He confirmed via Twitter that this is indeed fake and does not endorse bitcoin or any bitcoin trading software.

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Bitcoin Compass: the verdict

Bitcoin Compass is a reliable trading robot and not only given the numerous reviews we find online, but also from our tests. The tools offered by the site are extremely safe and all information provided is transparent.

Some say Bitcoin Compass is a scam, but we haven't been able to figure out where those claims come from. They are probably written by competing software or dissatisfied traders who don't fully understand how it works.

Since cryptocurrency trading is risky even with reputable software like this, we recommend that everyone start with a minimum investment of $ 250 and only invest money that you can afford to lose. Don't rush to change your lifestyle and achieve financial freedom overnight, no one can guarantee this, but with Bitcoin Compass, you can earn a small but steady income.



Can you earn money with Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is the ideal tool to trade and make a profit thanks to the volatility of the prices of cryptographic coins. This software has many advantages for its users, including ease of use and a user friendly interface. Don't forget that you can start using it by making a deposit of just $ 250.

Is Bitcoin Compass a scam?

There are many independent sites that have reviewed Bitcoin Compass, in addition to ours. If it were a scam, not everyone would be as thrilled with its use, despite it being not as popular as other auto trading platforms. Bitcoin Compass is especially recommended for novice traders, who do not wish to monitor a computer screen for hours and hours a day.

Do celebrities recommend using Bitcoin Compass?

Celebrities generally don't expose themselves much when it comes to easy ways to earn money, yet several have done so for Bitcoin Compass. Evidently this bubble could no longer remain hidden and someone had to burst it. If you are a novice trader who wants to start setting aside something for his future, this is the time and the right platform to start with.