Bitcoin continues to rise, retracement in sight?

Bitcoin continues to grow, even though many technical analysts are convinced that they have seen some signs of a slowdown in its incredible momentum. Enough to give way to altcoin the opportunity to breathe and lengthen their earnings, allowing larger ones like Ethereum e Ripple to achieve gains - albeit minor ones - precisely in the moments in which Bitcoin has peaked in value for 13 months now. (see how much a bitcoin is worth)

With the current stalemate around $ 9.100 - $ 9.200, however, traders are starting to think that Bitcoin's momentum will soon end, leaving room for a retracement to $ 8.500 as a new support level, should the technical indicators should not undergo other changes.

But what will happen in the short term future? Currently, the next resistance target for the most traded and most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world is in the area of ​​$ 9.400, but many analysts argue that the BTC / USD cross probably before reaching this target may retrace below $ 9.000 and even touch $ 8.500 share. At that point, it is possible that a long-lasting rally could start, with the possibility that the upward trend may be directed towards $ 10.000, a psychological goal that would open new scenarios for the criptovaluta.

However, there is no shortage of observers who suggest that if the technical levels should remain as they are now, Bitcoin is ready to be able to evaluate new, more intense gains. In other words, if it really breaks the $ 9.400 threshold, the rally may go up to $ 9.800.