Bitcoin Cycle is an automated trading software that can help people trade when they decide which direction Bitcoin prices will move, whether they rise or fall.Is Bitcoin Cycle a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Cycle 1

This software claims that it can generate a lot of money per day on behalf of the user and has an 88% success rate. However, are these claims true? In our Bitcoin Cycle review, we will go through every aspect of the software to answer this and many more questions.

What is Bitcoin Cycle?

Bitcoin Cycle is a trading system that works automatically and was created a few years ago. It works with established brokers in the industry and can trade faster than the competition because its software uses an algorithm that emits various signals based on crypto market trends.

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Bitcoin Cycle is said to return signals a fraction of a second faster than other Bitcoin automated robots can.

At the moment, we can't find much information about who the creators are (apparently they are twins). However, we read the "about us" page on the website and found that the information is truthful, well written, and gives enough information to make you feel like the creators care about you.

In a way, one person knew a lot about algorithms and the other was trading online, so they got together and created Bitcoin Cycle to help everyone make money. Regardless of who created this software, they have managed to make it effective. Bitcoin Cycle is said to be a simple and effective platform to help with automated trading.

Is Bitcoin Cycle a Scam?

You may have heard of the Bitcoin Cycle because Bitcoin is quite popular in recent times. You've probably seen a social media ad or received an email about it. This made you decide to look into this robot more, where you've probably read that this app has been endorsed by a variety of celebrities and more!

  • Bitcoin Cycle claims to have very high success and conversion rate because the software uses real algorithms
  • As there is a lot of volatility when trading cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin), you shouldn't ignore the risks
  • You can try it out now or read on to learn more about the software. Consider getting started with the free demo account

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How does Bitcoin Cycle work?

The creators of Bitcoin Cycle wholeheartedly believe in the trading algorithm, which is what makes the software move, so they only hold back one percent of each successfully closed trade. That way, more money goes to those who actually earn it.

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Of course, users have to deposit money as an initial investment to get started, and this is transferred to the broker via the platform. However, the money is yours and you can withdraw it or keep it in your account in any currency.

Then, you just have to configure the settings you want the automatic software to use and start the process. Typically, this all takes about 20 minutes a day, which means you have the rest of the time to do what you like. There are only three steps to follow:

  1. Create an account;
  2. Make the deposit;
  3. Choose your settings.

While you may need to monitor Bitcoin Cycle progress at times, you don't need to watch it every second. In fact, this could drive you crazy as there is very high volatility in this market. Also, consider making the lowest investment when you start with the platform.

How to open an account?

To open an account with Bitcoin Cycle, you must first click on one of the links on this page and access the official website. Then proceed with:


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On the site page, next to the introduction video, you will find the registration form. Just enter your personal information to create a free account. You must enter info such as name / surname, email address and telephone number. Then, you will be asked to create a password to log into your account whenever you want.

To deposit

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Bitcoin Cycle also offers the possibility to use the demo account immediately, before making the deposit. It is advisable, especially for beginners, to start trading in demo. This way you can develop your skills without risking a single penny. If you think this is the platform for you, then you can deposit at least $ 250. Deposit that acts as a real investment and has nothing to do with the software, which is completely free.


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With Bitcoin Cycle you can trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, although Bitcoin is the most popular. Among others we mention Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. Pair trading can be done on crypto / crypto or USD or EUR. Once you've selected the pairs you want to trade, simply select how many trades you prefer to set up at once, as well as the trade amounts to get started.

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Key features

There are several features that have made Bitcoin Cycle so popular with traders. In particular we remember:

High payments

The official website of this robot claims that users can earn quite a lot of money every day. Beginners are unlikely to see high payouts immediately, but this software is a good place to start. Bitcoin Cycle says you can reinvest your small profits to increase the potential to earn more.

Deposits and withdrawals

When we tested Bitcoin Cycle, we withdrew some of our money and found that the request was processed in around 24 hours. You can withdraw funds at any time and they will be quickly credited to your bank account.

Verification system

Thanks to a simple verification system, you are ready to start trading (or use the demo account) faster than ever. Just enter some personal information in the registration form, such as phone number, name and email address, and that's it. Then, you can deposit the funds into your account by providing your payment details, such as your card number, verification codes, and expiration dates.

Is Bitcoin Cycle recommended by any celebrities?

Unfortunately this topic is not dealt with much in Italy, while above all in the USA and the United Kingdom we talk about nothing else. However, some of our fellow citizens let slip some opinions on software and cryptocurrencies.

Fabio FazioFlavio BriatoreMarco Baldini

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There are claims about him that he wants to conduct an entire episode of Che tempo che fa, just to talk about cryptocurrencies and auto investing software. For now, however, these claims have not been confirmed.

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There are claims about him stating that auto trading software is only useful for beginners, while he, who considers himself a financial investment expert, does everything manually. These claims are unfounded and he does not endorse bitcoin trading software.

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Rumor has it that he managed to get out of his financial crisis by investing $ 250 on an automated trading platform, but he didn't want to spread the name. These claims are false. It has not approved any crypto trading software.

Does Bitcoin Cycle offer a mobile app?

The Bitcoin Cycle platform is web-based and therefore you don't need to download any application to use it, moreover, it allows you to familiarize yourself with its software before even making your first investment in the name of maximum transparency.

Numerous educational content options are also available on the site. Just log in while making deposits or trying to explore the various brokers for extra assistance.

Our verdict

Whether you know a lot or very little about cryptocurrencies, it's profitable and exciting to think that you can generate passive income by trading with Bitcoin Cycle and that's more than a possibility. Of course, we also found that it is reliable because the platform works and you can make money. Plus, there's great customer support, and the deposit requirement is pretty low.

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Is Bitcoin Cycle safe and reliable?

Yes, we have found that the trading platform is protected by high levels of encryption and antivirus products. User information is encrypted and deposits are safe thanks to regulated brokers.

How Much Do You Need to Deposit on Bitcoin Cycle to Get Started?

All traders can start making money with Bitcoin Cycle after making a minimum deposit of only $ 250.

Can I directly withdraw cryptocurrencies from my account?

No, it's not possible; your earnings are converted to the local currency, which is transferred to your bank account when you make a withdrawal request.