Bitcoin, Deutsche Bank tells us why it is not worth trusting

Bitcoin, Deutsche Bank tells us why it is not worth trusting: an update of the advisory service calls for bitcoins as potential "black swans".

Bitcoin, Deutsche Bank tells us why it is not worth trusting - bitcoin price

Deutsche Bank  and cryptocurrencies

does not seem to want to trust the cryptocurrency, and for the 2018 launches a clear alarm: Bitcoin could be one of the candidates to represent the dreaded "black Swan", The surprising event that could negatively impact the financial market over the coming months.

Torsten Slok, international chief economist of the German investment bank, sent an e-mail to his clients with a list of the most significant risks for the market in the 2018. Well, included in this list of elements from which it would be advisable to keep away are also i bitcoin, with an estimated (potential) collapse of the price of cryptocurrency.

Slok and Bitcoin

In short, Slok believes that there is not much to trust in bitcoins. On the other hand, the fact that in the 2017 the price of this cryptocurrency has surged upwards uncontrollably, leaves ample margins of uncertainty on the sustainability of the current capitalization of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world.

However, it would also be advisable not to jump immediately to the most negative consequences. Indeed, the same analyst recalls how financial markets are currently "evaluating" i bitcoin as a new phenomenon, and are also trying to understand how it will evolve with theentry of cryptocurrencies into regulated futures markets (CME).

If in fact on one hand it is true that the entrance of the Bitcoin in the regulated world of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange it could take away some opacity and skepticism from the virtual currency, it is also true that the above could open the door to an excessive entry of institutional investors and speculators who could not only manipulate the value in a greater measure than is the case today, but also jeopardizing the traditional independence and autonomy characteristic of bitcoins, which has made the cryptocurrency so well known and so distinguishable from other assets.