At the request of many of our readers, we conducted an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin Equalizer and we can immediately tell you that this platform has proven to be more than reliable, as during our tests it was able to minimize the risk of huge capital losses. .

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It is fully licensed software and has the support of the best regulated brokers in the world. Before we started testing this system, however, we ran an independent test of its accuracy to find out how efficient the platform was. This allowed us to discover truly amazing results.

Our tests confirmed that the transactions performed by the advanced trading algorithms offered by Bitcoin Equalizer, give new users huge earning potential when it comes to increasing their passive income. Hundreds of users are already making use of this platform, so why not give it a try? Follow this guide to find out how!

What is Bitcoin Equalizer?

Bitcoin Equalizer is an automated cryptocurrency trading system developed to help new and experienced traders make money on the world's most volatile market. This system works by leveraging trading signals and using an algorithm governed by artificial intelligence, to make profitable trading decisions.

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The amazing thing this algorithm offers is that it analyzes the cryptocurrency markets and extracts important data, to provide users with the most profitable trades in minutes, if not seconds.

This algorithm can sift through large amounts of data in record time and read the most current news in real time. This data and news on the most relevant cryptocurrencies are then taken into account when exchanges are made or signals are issued for manual trading.

Is Bitcoin Equalizer a Scam?

Bitcoin Equalizer claims to be a reliable and safe system to use, moreover, on its website there are numerous testimonials from verified users, who claim that they have managed to obtain financial freedom thanks to this system. Here is a brief description of this software:

  • The trading system offers a 97% success rate
  • Bitcoin Equalizer is free registered and licensed software
  • The system is easy to use, especially for new users and for searching for profitable trading information

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How does Bitcoin Equalizer work?

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Equalizer is a state-of-the-art automated trading system, which is based on the operation of mathematical algorithms governed by artificial intelligence. Its algorithms are used to take advantage of the positive trends in the cryptocurrency market and make careful trading decisions, so that users can earn a profit in real time.

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The trading algorithms are also capable of finding low-cost cryptocurrency offers on behalf of the user. What happens is that the cryptocurrency is bought through the system and held, until the value increases. It is then sold to take a profit. The good thing about this algorithm is that it is able to analyze the markets in seconds to identify the best offers on behalf of the user.

Bitcoin Equalizer requires a minimum deposit of just € 250. In our opinion, this is more than fair, especially since such a low minimum deposit gives more people the opportunity to earn money with Bitcoin Equalizer, because it is affordable.

How to open an account?

Opening a new account on Bitcoin Equalizer is a really simple and pleasant experience. All you have to do is register by filling out the registration form on the homepage and one of their account managers will contact you as soon as possible.


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Registration is absolutely free. There is no cost to open a new account and all you have to do is complete the registration form on the homepage, entering your basic information to be contacted as soon as possible by your personal account manager.

To deposit

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Transactions on this robot are safe and secure. We have tested it ourselves and the system is quite amazing. All you need to activate your new account is a minimum deposit of € 250. This deposit will also act as a first investment. A broker that you will be automatically directed to by the platform will monitor your account to make sure your funds are not mismanaged.


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If you are a beginner, you may want to try the demo function before switching to live mode. This will help you practice the platform without risking your own capital. The demo function will allow you to find out exactly how it identifies great opportunities and makes decisions on the operations to be performed by its algorithm. After practice, you can switch to live trading to generate passive income. Once you are familiar with the system, you will be able to activate the live trading feature and Bitcoin Equalizer will take care of the rest for you.

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Key features

There are many key features offered by Bitcoin Equalizer to its users. From our analyzes, Bitcoin Equalizer was found to be easier to use and faster than other competing platforms. The system is effective and traders are very likely to make a profit every day.

Efficient payment system

The payment system offered by Bitcoin Equalizer is simple and fast. Once a withdrawal request is completed, it takes just over 24 hours for the funds to reflect in the bank account you provided.

Regulated brokers

Bitcoin Equalizer works with regulated brokers to manage its users' accounts. These brokers are responsible for supervising the accounts and making sure your funds are not mismanaged.

Costumer Services

Customer support is available 24/24 via email or live chat, and is very efficient and reliable, which is a great plus for new users.

Positive online reviews

Many positive user reviews and testimonials are available on the platform's website, indicating that users overall are impressed and satisfied with the results achieved so far.

Does Bitcoin Equalizer offer a mobile app?

We checked the various official stores of the Apple and Android platforms, but unfortunately we were unable to find an official app to download on portable devices.

It doesn't matter, because the developers of this system have already thought about this too. The platform is web based, which means that it adapts to any device in real time, regardless of the operating system used to access it.

Our verdict

Bitcoin Equalizer is a reliable and efficient automatic trading system, capable of providing both new and experienced traders with many opportunities for profit. According to our analysis, this system was developed with the intention of offering users a simple to use platform.

Just take a look at the layout of the platform's website to immediately see how easy it is to use. Bitcoin Equalizer should be considered a very useful tool in the hands of any investor.

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Is Bitcoin Equalizer reliable?

The Bitcoin Equalizer website claims to offer a reliable system and there are many testimonials that endorse this with great enthusiasm.

How Much Can I Earn with Bitcoin Equalizer?

By following a very simple market rule, the larger your deposit, the greater your profit. Currently, there are investors who claim to be able to earn around € 1500 per day thanks to this system.

What is a minimum deposit to start using Bitcoin Equalizer?

We advise beginners to start with the minimum deposit of € 250 and you can reinvest your capital, all or part of it, after making a profit.