Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, that's how the week went

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, that's how the week went. A brief overview of the last few trading days.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, this is how the week went - Screen Shot 2019 03 31 at 2.42.08 am

The last week has tended to be positive for many of the cryptocurrency most prominent in the world.

To find out more, let's start with a brief analysis of what happened to Bitcoin (BTC), with prices of the Planet's best-known cryptocurrency reaching the highest point at USD 4.113,50 and the lowest point at USD 3.934,03 during the week. The stock exchanges that have been most active, in volumes, with BTC on various pairs increasingly present especially on BitMex (6,13%), CoinBene (2,47%) and OEX (2,27%).

Important news about Bitcoin, note that Emmanuel Goh, a former JPMorgan Chase derivative trader and founder of the cryptocurrency data company Skew, told MarketWatch that the daily volume in the cryptocurrency options market has doubled since the beginning of the year to the present day.

So let's move on to Ethereum (ETH), which hit $ 142,55 at its peak this week and $ 133,49 as a low. The most active markets in volume, with ETH in various pairs, this week were Coineal (3,04%), Bibox (2,86%) and DOBI Exchange (2,80%).

Among the most important news on the Ethereum world of the last few days, we specify that the founder of the hedge fund cryptocurrency Ikigai, Travis Kling, said that "owning Ethereum today is a call option on what you think the network will be in the future. "

Finally we conclude with Ripple (XRP), whose prices this week ranged upwards to USD 0,312453 and downwards to USD 0,29898987. The exchanges that have been most active, in volumes, with XRP on various pairs, this week have been ZBG (10,55%), ZB.COM (4,72%) and Bit-Z (3,90%).

For XRP, among the most relevant news of the last few days, we note how Federal Bank Limited ("Federal Bank"), an important private Indian commercial bank, has announced to collaborate with Ripple to gain access to faster and safer cross-border transactions .