Bitcoin? It needs more privacy

The CEO of one of the three main Bitcoin mining pools recently told Bitcoin Magazine that Bitcoin needs more privacy to avoid a potential blockage of activities due to possible regulatory innovations.

Poolin's CEO, Kevin Pan, has in fact recalled how - contrary to how many are led to think - Bitcoin is not an anonymous digital currency, since the real privacy characteristics of the cryptocurrency are rather modest. And over the years, Pan summarizes again, this lack of privacy has been indicated as a serious problem in terms of fungibility of the cryptocurrency.

It is not, however, a novelty that developers have proposed a wide range of Bitcoin privacy improvements over the years, but many of these proposals have fallen on deaf ears, while others require serious compromises in the areas of scalability, security and other important areas of the project.

"The real problem with Bitcoin could be privacy"Pan told Bitcoin Magazine. "There can be no further development of the question if the privacy problem is not resolved".