Bitcoin has broken through the $ 8.000: here are the details

Il world of cryptocurrencies is in fibrillation again and to rekindle the interest of traders and professionals and simple lovers of this world is the Bitcoin, the longest running virtual currency among those present on this "parallel" market.

But, what happened so important? What is happening on the cryptocurrency market? Quite simply, the price of Bitcoin has crossed the threshold dollars 8.000 for the first time since the summer of 2018 and, precisely, from the month of July. Let's find out all the details!

Bitcoin uptrend: the price rises to 8.000 $

This bullish trend also "dragged" the other cryptocurrencies and in the end, the capitalization, which assumes an important role in any market, and is returned to an overall value higher than the 200 billion dollars.

This performance of Bitcoin has left many investors speechless, because objectively it was not foreseen by experts in the crypto sector.

However, as anticipated, Bitcoin was not the only cryptocurrency to give birth to amazing rises: for example, think of Ripple, another leading cryptocurrency, which recorded an increase of around 20 percentage points.

The most famous cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin has registered a "leap" of 12% in these last few days and the market share in its prerogative has returned above the threshold of 60%: this event has not happened for 2 years, a period of time that in the world of cryptocurrencies is something comparable to a new geological era.

Ethereum and Ripple in clear increase

He did very well too Ethereum: what is the second cryptocurrency by capitalization has in fact recorded a rise equal to 5%. coming to touch even i dollars 214 before going down slightly.

As mentioned earlier, it was though Ripple to contend in Bitcoin for the cryptocurrency scepter with the most marked rise, given that its rise was also of 20% at some point, before falling below that percentage threshold and seeing Bitcoin take the lion's share.

Cryptocurrency market rising: what are the real reasons?

But what are the explanations behind the Bitcoin race and other cryptocurrencies? According to some experts, the likely entry of Fidelity Investements in this world it could have pushed up the price of all digital assets.

According to others, the real reason for this sudden rise should instead be sought in the future testing of Bitcoin futures by Bakkt.

Furthermore, another aspect that should not be underestimated according to those who have been working in this sector for a long time, is that of the desire of new investors not to lose what appears to be a winning train in terms of earnings.

In short, according to some, this increase is to be read as a sort of credit that a part of investors, largely just entered the world of cryptocurrencies, wanted to give Bitcoin and other virtual currencies that many now begin to know.