Bitcoin: Italy at the 14 place in the ranking of investor countries

Even in Italy, as in the rest of Europe and the world, the race to investments in cryptocurrencies, in particular on the Bitcoin. Italy, despite having had periods of discontinuity in terms of growth, is positioned at 14 th in the ranking of the main countries that invest in Bitcoins.

Since entering the market in 2009, virtual currency has not been very successful: the first investors were very hesitant to bet on this asset, but in recent years the cryptocurrency market has continued to grow and show a uptrend. 

Investing in Bitcoins: Ranking of major investor countries

Some European countries and are not among the first Bitcoin investors: i United States count 22,26 million of people who use Bitcoins daily.

In second place we find the Japan with approximately 6,14 million people, while the third place is the South Korea with 5,73 million. In addition to these countries located in Asia and America, even in Europe, there are countries that rank among the top places.

In fourth and fifth place we find the UK with approximately 4 million of people and the Russia with approximately 3,20 million of people. After Russia, we find another power, the Germany, that with 2,50 million of people, it positions itself sixth.

Al seventh place in the ranking we find the Turkey with 2,40 million of users. Going down in the ranking we find theItaly al 14 th, immediately after Australia, with approximately 1,60 million people who use virtual currency for exchanges and transactions.

China's figures are not calculated in this ranking, as the Chinese government has limited the use of this currency.

Many did not believe in the growth of Bitcoin, but today its trend is bullish and is currently traded in 7.292,45 US dollars.

With such exponential growth, many investments can be made with this interesting digital asset, in addition to holding it in Wallets or virtual wallets.

On the Internet we can find many online trading platforms that allow you to buy and sell this digital currency. The currency has revolutionized the financial sector, with increasingly encouraging results, and experts predict that there will be further growth in the coming years.

Bitcoin: positive and negative criticism from big investors

Several criticisms come from the big names in the financial market, such as the entrepreneur Warren Buffet, who repeatedly criticized the use of Bitcoins as a means of payment and as an asset to invest in. He also joked that this coin was worth as much as a button on his jacket.

The site of American information Bloomberg reported that the company Fidelity has invested billions of dollars in Bitcoins. Later, he decided to launch an online trading platform, giving further importance to Bitcoins and the cryptocurrency market.