Bitcoin, did Nakamoto copy?

Craig S Wright, Australian computer scientist, said that Satoshi Nakamoto he would have copied his dossier on Bitcoin.

The founder of Bitcoin SV has in fact stressed that he is theoriginal author of the Bitcoin white paper during a Forum in London, but according to those present at the event Wright would not offer any evidence that could prove his claims.

According to his statements, the Bitcoin creation it was actually the result of teamwork, and not just one individual. Wright later claimed to be an integral part of the group that conceived the cryptocurrency, but the inability to demonstrate his involvement led many to believe that Wright was a scammer.

In February 2018, Dave Kleiman (now deceased) also initiated a lawsuit against Wright for stealing a large Bitcoin sum. Last month, the judge ordered Wright to hand over all the money stolen from Dave Kleiman's brother, Ira, to ascertain that Wright would forge Dave's signatures to steal his bitcoins, with a similar argument to what he is now doing against Satoshi Nakamoto.

Evidently, Wright's latest release attracted rather heated reactions from the cryptocurrency community, with a Twitter user who for example recalls how in some previous Wright statements, the same controversial Australian claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

In short, a still burning case, on which the cryptocurrency community will continue to debate.