Bitcoin loses 7%: panic sell!

Bad day for Bitcoin and all crypto in general. 

La Bitcoin listing in real time it sees a net loss of 7% in the last 24 hours, unfortunately it is not a loss of just the King of cryptocurrencies but an exit of funds, as we can see from the graph below

Bitcoin loses 7%: panic sell! - bitcoin panic sell

Bitcoin Panic Sell?

In the graph above it shows the capitalization of the crypto in the last 24 hours, as we can see there is a steady but net outflow of funds, not therefore a transfer of bitcoin in the altcoin but really a fast and continuous exit.

In this case we allow ourselves to say that it is Panic Sell, or a particular situation in which, for fear of losing profit, everyone begins to exit the market.

Cosa possiamo fare?

The best solution is to insert stop-limits for sale, then activate the trigger that alerts on a particular close and then sell when it reaches what we want to sell. This allows you not to lose a lot of value.

But be careful, for safety it is better to use a stablecoin as a couple, otherwise you risk not engaging the trigger because the reference coin does not go down.

What are your strategies?