2020 has started beautifully, at least for all those people who have invested in cryptocurrency trading, as the financial gains have been very high. Definitely the automatic trading platforms like Bitcoin Prime they have helped a lot in these gains.

However, although this year is coming to an end, it is never too late to start earning thanks to the cryptocurrency market, so today we want to present you a way to easily and with little effort, reach your financial goal.

If all you want is to join the thousands of investors from around the world who are earning every day thanks to the volatile cryptocurrency market, you should consider an automated trading system such as Bitcoin Prime. Haven't you ever heard of it before? This is because it has just been launched on the market! Read on to learn more!

What Bitcoin Prime?

We know how difficult it is for people to create an alternative source of income; all of us, more or less, are engaged in full-time jobs that are not adequately paid. This is why many are looking for an alternative source of income to their own.

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Cryptocurrency trading robots can be great to leverage from this point of view. To introduce our readers in a way they may not yet know in depth, today we have decided to give a chance to Bitcoin Prime, a system that as soon as it was launched on the market, gained a lot of popularity and great reviews.

Bitcoin Prime It is a scam?

We can confirm after our verifications that Bitcoin Prime it is safe and reliable. This auto trading robot has been registered and regulated in most countries around the world.

Although it has been on the market for such a short time, it already has a wide offer in terms of assets to trade. In addition, users in 150 countries around the world can use it to quickly achieve the desired financial freedom.

  • It offers a success rate of almost 90%. This is one of the highest percentages on the market.
  • Offers great customer support. Each trader is supported by an account manager to take the first steps.
  • You can start trading with this platform starting with a minimum investment of € 250.

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How it works Bitcoin Prime?

We took a look at the features of Bitcoin Prime during our tests, and it really surprised us. Our team organized trading sessions to actually find out how this automated trading system worked.

First, we checked the fact that Bitcoin Prime is simple to use. We are now confident that users will not need to know any specialized skills in the world of online trading to use this platform.

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The system is really simple to use, so much so that the user has to do is set their favorite trading parameters and click on the action button, to start trading operations and allow the platform to trade cryptocurrencies.

The processing of market surveys, technical and fundamental analyzes, as well as the opening and closing of trades, are handled completely automatically by the software and no other human intervention is required.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Prime?

Create an account on the Bitcoin Prime it's very simple. All that needs to be entered on the registration form is the full name, email and telephone number. This process takes less than three minutes and immediately afterwards you will be able to take a look at the trading platform.


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Access the official page of Bitcoin Prime to subscribe. Fill out the free registration form on the homepage. Verify your identity via email and SMS, and choose a secure password to protect your account.

To deposit

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Make a deposit through one of the registered and regulated brokers they partner with Bitcoin Prime. The minimum deposit required to use the trading platform is € 250, but it is also possible to invest larger amounts to meet the needs of professional traders.


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After making the deposit, it will be possible to take a look at the platform in both demo and live mode. In the first case, virtual funds will be used to understand how the software works, but without risking anything. In the second case you can use the automatic or manual mode, to apply your trading strategies.

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Bitcoin Prime is another robot copy of Bitcoin scam?

The automated trading solution analyzed here shows all the signs of a legitimate and reliable platform. The platform has proven that it can generate profits for its users by analyzing the market and placing orders with a high degree of accuracy, as do other established platforms such as Bitcoin Lifestyle e Bitcoin Trader.

It is a platform that can help you to conclude profitable trades, with a very high success rate. The creators of the platform also focused on increasing the transparency of their operations by being accessible to their customers. Any communication on the platform receives a quick response with detailed information on the questions raised. This is a good sign, as it reinforces the platform's commitment to creating a reliable trading system where everyone can make money.

This software uses some of the industry best practices when it comes to protecting user information. All data is stored on secure servers with state-of-the-art encryption protocols. Likewise, the robot exhibits high accuracy levels of up to 99,5%, which could be the secret of its success.

How it behaves in exchanges

The whole trading experience is smooth. The concept of buying and selling cryptocurrency on the auto trading system works perfectly, with the auto trading robot evaluating the market to select the most profitable trades for users. Account holders always maintain control of the funds deposited on the platform, which is used by the robot to conduct purchase transactions. It will then sell the purchased assets when it becomes profitable to do so.

The trading robot's actions are governed by an elaborate algorithm which is set up to achieve the best trading results for users, without the need for their continuous hands-on intervention.

The ability to make profits is also a result of the platform's ability to conduct super fast transactions, which is much faster than other trading robots or manual trading. Also, it is worth mentioning the levels of transparency maintained by company representatives when it comes to answering any questions with detailed explanations rather than one-line answers.

Research in the cryptocurrency market

There is so much to learn in the fascinating world of cryptocurrency investing and making profits. Increasing your knowledge of the market helps you better understand when to make larger or smaller deposits. Defining automatic trading strategies and using them wisely helps both new users and experienced traders to get better at participating in the cryptocurrency market every time they trade.

Withdrawing profits after each trade and using the capital for further trades is the best way to reduce risk and gradually recoup the initial investment without hindering normal automated trading cycles. New users can think about reinvesting profits at a later stage.

And now we can focus on what are the real features that have made this platform so popular among users. Just keep reading below!

Key features of Bitcoin Prime

Before affirming the validity of Bitcoin Prime, we took care to test its characteristics. Here are the main ones:

Ease of use

Some features made us understand why Bitcoin Prime was that easy to use. We have found first and foremost that advanced skills in the world of finance are not required to make money with Bitcoin Prime. Plus, it takes just a few minutes to create an account, make a deposit and withdraw your profits.

Success rate assessment

We also tested the success rate offered by this automated trading system. Our results indicated that Bitcoin Prime it is always very precise, moreover, withdrawals of your funds can be made at any time and for any amount.

Customer support

Our team that dealt with the analysis of Bitcoin Prime, was amazed at the professionalism of the people who work behind the scenes. Customer support is always available, via chat, telephone and email, to resolve any doubts or problems.

Bitcoin Prime is recommended by any celebrity?

As mentioned several times in our review, Bitcoin Prime it has only been launched for a very short time and our famous people probably do not even know of its existence. However, in the past, some celebrities have had their say about automated trading systems and cryptocurrencies.

Flavio BriatoreFabio FazioLorenzo Jovanotti

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During the show The Boss, which aired a few years ago on Italian TV, it is said that he was in an episode where he stated that the automatic trading software is functional, but aimed primarily at beginners. While professionals should use something else. We never found this episode online, so these rumors appear to be false.

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During an interview with a well-known online magazine, he said he had spoken several times with the top management of Rai to allow him to conduct an entire broadcast of his most popular program focused on cryptocurrencies, but he has always received a negative opinion.

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Between one song and another, Jovanotti also found time to take an interest in cryptocurrencies. In particular, he said during an interview published online, that he was one of the first to believe and invest (so we also add to earn) in bitcoin in 2011.

Bitcoin Prime does it offer a mobile app?

Being a new generation software, Bitcoin Prime it is also available for mobile devices. So, regardless of your operating system, you can use Bitcoin Prime on both iOS and Android to monitor the markets and your operations on-the-go. The web-based platform does not even have to be downloaded to your device, being directly on the cloud.

Our verdict

We have arrived at the moment of the verdict. The team that tested Bitcoin Prime they say they are 100% satisfied with this platform and recommend it to all people who want to earn extra income to complement their own.

We came to this conclusion after analyzing a lot of different aspects of the software, such as success rate, safety, trading effectiveness, customer support and ease of use.

We encourage novice users to invest only the bare minimum, which is € 250 to get started. As things go well, to increase the capital, it will be enough to reinvest their earnings.

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Bitcoin Prime it is reliable?

According to the in-depth test conducted by our team and the great reviews already found online, Bitcoin Prime is 100% safe and reliable software.

How much should I invest with Bitcoin Prime?

Brokers who collaborate with this software accept a minimum deposit of € 250 to get started. We do not recommend investing more than you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin Prime is it profitable?

Our tests have shown that the success rate of around 90% is very close to reality. So the answer is yes, Bitcoin Prime it is profitable.