The Bitcoin Revolution platform is an automated trading software, designed to trade on the basis of the bullish or bearish movements of digital currencies, in this case of Bitcoin. The creators of this application claim that it is possible to earn thousands of dollars a day with this software, is that true? In this review we will find out if the software is a scam or not.

What is Bitcoin Revolution

It is an automatic trading system created in 2017 by a group of professional brokers in the cryptocurrency sector and in particular the one linked to Bitcoin and its creators, claim that it is able to execute operations faster than the competition, according to the signals provided by the crypto market trends.

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Its special algorithm allows Bitcoin Revolution to send trading signals a fraction of a second faster than other auto trading bots. At the moment we do not know the names of its creators, but the only information available to us is that it is a group of brokers well "connected" with Bitcoin who have joined forces to create the definitive software.

Since this group of professionals should have all the know-how necessary to trade effectively within their platforms, it was just a matter of fixing the algorithm and making the platform intuitive for everyone, professionals and novice traders. What we can say, is that they managed to do it, Bitcoin Revolution is very popular with users because it is easy to use and above all, it allows you to make money online, without too much effort.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam?

You've probably heard of Bitcoin Revolution on social media too. In fact, there are many advertisements that run on the internet and related to famous people, who claim to have made money with this automatic trading software. You have probably also read that this app has been sponsored in many television programs and that there are several famous people who have used it, such as Lorenzo Jovanotti, Flavio Briatore and Marco Baldini.

We do not know if these associations are true or not, because we have not had the opportunity to speak with those directly concerned, but we can confirm that in 2017 Bitcoin exceeded the quota of 20 dollars per currency, making many traders rich overnight. This robot is different from other auto trading software like Bitcoin Era, if not from all platforms on the internet. This software trades automatically and is said to have an 88% success rate, depending on market conditions.

According to the programmers of Bitcoin Revolution, the software works best at 10 minute intervals and when using the Fibonacci strategy. While all of this might sound great and truthful, making us say that the Bitcoin Revolution scam claim is totally wrong, we recommend everyone to start with a risk-free demo account, to familiarize themselves with the platforms and before investing real money.

How does Bitcoin Revolution work?

Bitcoin Revolution offers its users the software completely free of charge. Why is it free? Because developers earn a lot more on trading volume! It is a fact that the creators of Bitcoin Revolution believe so much in their trading algorithm, that they only receive 1% of their users' profitable transactions.

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Registered users will only have to deposit an initial investment on the broker connected to the platform, configure the recommended settings and start trading. This process takes no more than 20 minutes a day. It's as simple as 3-XNUMX-XNUMX:

  • Create an account
  • Make the initial deposit with your favorite broker connected to the platform
  • Choose your settings and activate automatic trading

The only thing you will have to remember to do is monitor the performance on the platform. Digital currencies are very volatile. For this reason, we recommend making a moderate investment at the beginning, the minimum is 250 dollars.


How to create an account with Bitcoin Revolution

To start trading, you need to register first. Remember, the software is free, but to get started, you'll need to make a minimum initial deposit. Here are the instructions for opening an account:

1. registration

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Once logged into the Bitcoin Revolution website, just fill out the form to create a free account. The information requested are name and surname, e-mail and telephone number. Also, you will need to create a password. Once registration is complete, you will be automatically connected to one of the brokers available within the platform.

2. Demo account

Bitcoin Revolution: Does it Work or is it a Scam? - Live

Bitcoin Revolution offers a demo account to its customers. After creating a demo account, you will be taken on a quick tour of the account's features. To test the software, you will be granted a $ 1.500 credit. Once the software parameters have been configured, all you have to do is click on the “Auto Trade” button to start.

3. Real account

After creating your account, you will be directed to the trading room. This is where you need to set up the Bitcoin Revolution parameters and start trading via the control panel. Here you will also be able to check your trade history, open trades manually, switch from live to demo account with one click and much more. The cryptocurrencies available for trading are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

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The accepted payment methods are Visa and Mastercard, Neteller, Discover Network and American Express credit cards. Once you have made your initial deposit, you will be ready to start trading with Bitcoin Revolution.

Is Bitcoin Revolution the copy of another Bitcoin scam robot?

Bitcoin Revolution has positioned itself as one of the most popular trading robots of the past year. The robot certainly appears to be reliable and is by no means a copy of other robots, on the contrary, there are others who may have copied it with little success. This is because the platform offers the best and most profitable investment opportunities at the time of investment, as do other profitable software such as Bitcoin Prime e CryptoSoft.

The platform appears to be reliable enough to trade the precious Bitcoins and make huge profits. In 2017, the value of Bitcoin rose from $ 800 to $ 1150 at the beginning of the year, to record an all-time high of $ 19.783.

During this time, several registered users of this platform have benefited immensely and many of them have been able to make profits of up to $ 2.100 per day. Its highly intelligent algorithm base can in fact quickly identify the best trade exchange and invest instantly making profits higher and faster than anyone else on the market.

Testimonials confirm its reliability

This is a valid trading platform for anyone looking to invest in the Bitcoin market. The testimonials of the users of the platform say a lot about the excellent service offered. A UK verified user made a $ 10.000 profit using this software in just 47 days. Another, based in London, made over $ 7.000.

This platform is becoming more and more popular and traders are earning a lot in very short periods of time. It is also gaining an excellent reputation, thanks to its transparency in reporting profits. The average returns from the platform remain consistently high.

Brokers are also safe and reliable

Identify the exchange and the software robot will bid for you immediately on its own without requiring you to take any further action. The platform is specially designed to trade the only cryptocurrency. It only deals with the cryptocurrency market making it a more dedicated and specialized platform.

With its superior technology base, the software is seconds ahead of its competitors. So go ahead and make your next investment in the Bitcoin market with this software and get the profits you have dreamed of all your life. Before you lose a big profit, you have a perfect opportunity to make it.

You can manage your account to trade and use the platform's features and services. Surprisingly, the web platform is able to detect the position of each visitor on its site. It makes it easier for the software to connect to a broker upon signing up.

The site connects you with a broker near you to assist you throughout your trading experience and help you make better profits by investing the right way. The brokers available on the platform are some of the most trusted brokers in the world. And now, below with its best features!

Key features of Bitcoin Revolution

According to Bitcoin Revolution opinions, this auto trading software is so popular because it has many interesting features. Let's see them in detail.

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The official website of the auto trading bot claims that users can earn around $ 1.300 per day. However, beginners may not get these results right away, but Bitcoin Revolution may be the right software to get started. The same website, states that beginners could make smaller profits and with these, be able to invest more money and increase the potential profit.

Withdrawals and Deposits

We also tried to withdraw money during our tests. The request was processed in less than 24 hours. You can withdraw the money at any time and it will usually take less than 24 hours to receive it in your bank account. Incidentally, this platform also offers many different payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, which demonstrates the creators' attempt to meet the different needs of their customers.

Our Services

You can contact customer support 24/24 via chat or email. Usually, staff members respond quickly. They are professional and very friendly, plus they are able to solve any problems you may encounter with their platform.

Is Bitcoin Revolution also used by celebrities?

Bitcoin Revolution has been advertised on many social media. His name has been associated with several celebrities, let's see what they say.

Lorenzo JovanottiFlavio BriatoreMarco BaldiniRichard BransonJeremy Clarkson

Bitcoin Revolution: Does it Work or is it a Scam? - Jovanotti Bitcoin

It is no secret that Lorenzo Jovanotti was one of the first to openly invest in Bitcoin. In many television interviews he has openly said how great cryptocurrencies are and how he personally knows many people who have made huge fortunes with Bitcoin. Lorenzo Jovanotti doesn't seem to be well connected to Bitcoin Revolution, and there is no foundation on the claims the trading software supports.

Bitcoin Revolution: Does it Work or is it a Scam? - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution

Flavio Briatore is another celebrity who claimed to use Bitcoin Revolution. However, we cannot fully confirm this as we have not been able to make contact with him. Such claims must therefore be taken with a grain of salt. However, that doesn't mean this robot isn't effective. From the information we have analyzed, Bitcoin Revolution appears to be 100% profitable, although we cannot confirm that celebrities support it.

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Well-known radio host Marco Baldini (who has had financial problems in the past), people claim he used Bitcoin Revolution to bounce back and that he succeeded. However, we cannot confirm these claims. This makes us understand once again, if anything was necessary, that Bitcoin Revolution is a software that works and really allows you to earn real money.

Bitcoin Revolution: Does it Work or is it a Scam? - richard

Everyone knows that Sir Richard Branson was an early early adopter and a big fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He claimed to adore digital currencies and even thinks he is using Bitcoin and its influence on millionaires who made money with cryptocurrencies to finance its space projects.

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Jeremy Clarkson is another celebrity who is said to have approved the use of the Bitcoin Revolution automated trading software. These claims have not been verified and therefore we cannot confirm whether you are using it or not. This means that there is no confirmation that Jeremy Clarkson is using the bitcoin revolution. What we do know is that on the main Bitcoin Revolution site they claim that their users are making daily profits.

Is there a Bitcoin Revolution app?

We haven't found a specific app for this robot, but what we found is that the browser version is compatible with tablets, mobile devices, and desktops. This means you can check your profit from anywhere you are as good as it is in a platform specific.

Bitcoin Revolution Opinions: the verdict

The bad reputation associated with trading bots has spread across the internet due to multiple factors. The most common is that of dissatisfied users who failed to get what they thought possible and so started spreading false rumors online, just to ruin the credibility of this or that other platform.

Investing in Bitcoin, due to its high volatility, is not for everyone and involves risks. This makes us understand how essential it is to use automatic trading software, especially effective if you are a beginner.

New traders should always start in demo or moderate investment to prove the software's effectiveness. Many websites recommend starting with an investment of 250 dollars / euros depending on the broker chosen. Also, select 10 minute intervals and risk no more than $ 25 / euro per trade.


Does Bitcoin Revolution Really Make Money Online?

Yes, it is possible to earn money with Bitcoin Revolution. Its use is completely free and to get started, just invest a minimum capital. Furthermore, the platform collaborates with some of the best brokers in the industry, which in addition to allowing instant order execution, also allow users to manage their finances in a safe and secure way. All of this makes Bitcoin Revolution a safe and reliable platform for everyone.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam?

Bitcoin Revolution is not one of the many online platforms that are just trying to get money out of your pocket. This software is as safe as our experts found, because it can rely on the best financial brokers in the industry. Nobody talks badly about it online and whoever has invested incorrectly and lost everything, it is only his fault. We therefore recommend that you never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Do celebrities recommend using Bitcoin Revolution?

When it comes to easy ways to make money, like Bitcoin Revolution, celebrities are a little reluctant to talk about it. Yet, over time, many famous people have exposed themselves about it, speaking only well of this software. And how could they do otherwise? It is easy to use, complete, profitable and completely free. Plus, you just need to invest a small capital of just $ 250 to get started.