Although the price of cryptocurrencies has literally plummeted in recent months, this sector remains very profitable for people who know how to invest their money. There are many ways on the internet today to make money by trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies. One of the most popular ways is the Bitcoin Rush auto trading robot. This platform claims to be capable of earning up to $ 1.500 per day for its customers. The software was launched in 2013 and is among the most popular in this industry. Our review will reveal whether Bitcoin Rush is a scam or not.

We conducted several checks and read dozens of online reviews to understand if this software was reliable or not. At this point, we can already anticipate that Bitcoin Rush is a safe and reliable program. Users who have already tested it, report a very high profitability, however, it should be emphasized that trading cryptocurrencies always involves some risk. For this reason, especially novice traders should pay close attention to their assets.

What is Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is a software for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies automatically, which claims to be able to make up to $ 1.500 per day. In order to use it, you need to make an initial deposit of $ 250. Attention: this is not the cost of the robot, but only the capital deposit for trading. You can withdraw your money at any time.Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Rush 1

From our investigations, it has emerged that this software is really reliable. However, it is not true that everyone can earn certain amounts. It all depends on how much you invest. The initial capital, in short, affects a lot. According to our tests, by making a deposit of $ 800, you can “only” earn up to a maximum of $ 500 per day.

Obviously, since cryptocurrency trading still involves risks, we always recommend starting with a minimum deposit or at least investing money that your pockets can afford to lose.

It is important to remember that this software is 100% automatic and therefore everyone can use it, even inexperienced traders. No financial expertise is required to use it, however, we still recommend becoming aware of the markets. By opening up to the cryptocurrency market, you will be able to open and close trading sessions, only in the best times.

Is Bitcoin Rush a scam?

Our investigation revealed that Bitcoin Rush is safe and reliable software. This program was launched in 2013. Having also read a lot of user reports, we can say that it looks really great in its performance. Most of the reviewers indicate that the software is easy to use and thanks to it, they were able to generate a steady profit.

Probably, this is what traders like the most about this robot. Being able to earn extra income to complement their work has freed many from debt and given some vacations to others. Its accuracy level, in fact, is 99,5%. Impressive!

But be careful, profitability and success also depend on market volatility. Another aspect that confirms the reliability of this software is its transparency. Bitcoin Rush does not hide fees and reveals everything about its brokers.

After careful analysis, we found that all brokers it works with are trustworthy and regulated. Furthermore, the software is completely free. What are you waiting to start?

  • To get started, create an account on the website
  • We recommend starting with a minimum investment of $ 250
  • Use the most recommended settings and click Auto Swap 'ON'

How Bitcoin Rush works?

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Rush works

Bitcoin Rush uses state of the art computer algorithms to search for accurate trading signals. Its algorithms are capable of analyzing cryptocurrency market data at a speed that no human can match and experts know that in trading, speed is everything. Furthermore, the algorithms take into account hundreds of factors to help make profitable decisions.

Bitcoin Rush's algorithms perform both technical and fundamental analysis. For the uninitiated, fundamental analysis includes market news, while technical analysis includes historical price data. By combining these two analyzes, Bitcoin Rush is able to predict market movements even before they occur and therefore places profitable trades in most cases.

As mentioned earlier in our Bitcoin Rush review, this software is fully automatic, which means that the user only has to start or stop trading. The only advice we can give from this point of view is to always keep an eye on the market news to start trading or not and to keep it closed during the night, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the morning.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Rush

Despite the simplicity, opening a new account on the Bitcoin Rush website is also 100% safe. To do this, all you have to do is enter your full name and phone number. As it is not available worldwide, we recommend that you try to register now to verify the presence of the software in your country. Follow these simple steps:

1. registration

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To register you need to access the official Bitcoin Rush page and fill out the form. The information to be entered is basic and given their transparency, they do not collect information that is not strictly necessary. Furthermore, this software does not transmit personal data to third parties without their consent. The website is protected by an SSL encryption and therefore it is safe from any hacker.

2. Demo account

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - The Bitcoins Rush Software

After registration and initial deposit, you can access the Bitcoin Rush trading platform in both demo and real versions. The first option is suitable for novice traders, who can thus familiarize themselves with the software, before starting live operations with real money. The results you will get here will not be the same as you would get live. One of its best features is that you can use it to check the validity of your trading strategies.

3. Real account

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Rush 3

Moving on to the real account, here all you need to do is start or end the trading sessions of the robot. It will take you 20 minutes a day to be profitable with this software. But always remember to end your trading sessions at the end of the day.

As we have already said before, even if you are not a finance expert, we recommend that you update yourself on the developments of the cryptocurrency market and in particular that of Bitcoin, to always open and close your trading sessions at the most appropriate time.

Is Bitcoin Rush the copy of another Bitcoin scam robot?

Many investigations have been conducted which have revealed that Bitcoin Rush is a safe and reliable cryptocurrency trading robot, not a scam at all. This platform has been on the market since 2013. Over the years, thanks to excellent performance, it has gained an excellent reputation and earned a solid reputation. The testimonials were left by several people who, thanks to it, managed to obtain substantial earnings.

Arguably, this robot is even more attractive than well-known names like Bitcoin Era e Crypto Engine thanks to its constant performance over time. Various live tests and analyzes concluded that this bot has an accuracy level of 99,5%. All traders earn huge sums of money all the time, although it is clear that the degree of profitability can depend on market movements.

Unlike other scam robots, this robot is transparent about the commission mechanism and the brokers it works with. We can confirm that the bot works with reliable and safe brokers.

As far as commissions are concerned, they do not credit any license fees, although traders may have to pay a minimal commission for profits made.

Trading activity is monitored by licensed and experienced brokers to ensure the best possible decisions. Traders earn on a regular basis thanks to the significant accuracy rate, which translates into: higher deposits make higher gains.

Is this system regulated?

It is quite interesting to find out about the whole software and how it works. Experts have run a lot of tests to approve all of this for all of its users.

This unique feature is the reason behind the flawlessness of this system. During the review, it was highlighted that there are sophisticated analysis methods and algorithms used by the system. This increases the chances of gaining positive trading insights and having proper market data analysis.

This automated platform undoubtedly improves your operations performance within minutes. The benefits that traders get, is a greater gain than manual trading.

The data generated by this software, we have been able to observe, for the analysis of market trends, are highly reliable.

This platform supports one-of-a-kind algorithms and fast processes that give its users an edge in the market over competitors. For example, the forecasts that this platform offers are accurate and in line with all real-time events on the market.

For all experienced cryptocurrency traders, therefore, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the markets. This is why these platforms are essential for users who do not have the time or adequate knowledge to obtain certain information. It is therefore good to use a system like this.

Finally, this software offers the ability to customize various user settings. One feature, among others that we will see shortly, that adds value to its uniqueness and one of the main reasons why it is so popular with experts and beginners.

Key features of Bitcoin Rush

The Bitcoin Rush opinions that we have been able to read online, have revealed that there are 3 in particular the key characteristics that distinguish Bitcoin Rush and are:

Withdrawal processing

You can withdraw your money from the Bitcoin Rush platform at any time. From our tests, we can confirm that processing takes place in less than 24 hours and to arrive on your account, less than 48 hours from the initial request.


You don't need to pay any license to use this trading software. However, to start trading Bitcoins, you need to make a minimum deposit of $ 250 to use as investment capital.

Costumer Services

The customer service offered by Bitcoin Rush is excellent. Our tests show that it takes less than a minute to get in touch with their agents via live chat or phone. Furthermore, for less urgent problems, you can also contact them via email.

Is Bitcoin Rush also used by celebrities?

According to some articles found online, this platform is also used by many celebrities. Who I am? You can find out below.

Marco BaldiniGordon RamsayFlavio BriatoreRichard BransonLorenzo Jovanotti

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - marco baldini 1024x683

Persistent rumors wanted him out of the "circle" due to his attachment to gambling. People say he got up on his own and on his own thanks to Bitcoin Rush and other similar programs. We can't confirm this though.

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - gordon

People say the British chef said in an interview that he has been using more Bitcoin Rush than pots and rolling pins lately. We don't know if this is true or not. Also because its television presence has drastically decreased is one of the reasons why people think so.

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution

There are people who claim that the former broker, now a multimillionaire, loves Bitcoin Rush as much as we do video games. We just don't make a spider out of the hole as it continues to build its fortunes. We cannot confirm whether he uses it or not.

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - richard

Sir Richard Branson is said to have been one of the first to invest in Bitcoin, but we have not found any confirmation that he uses Bitcoin Rush. As one of the oldest and most popular software in the industry, however, it wouldn't surprise us if it did it covertly.

Bitcoin Rush Review | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Jovanotti Bitcoin

Jovanotti in several interviews that can be read online, stated that he uses software like Bitcoin Rush to increase his virtual wealth, as his real earnings mourn! However, we did not find any of these interviews.

Bitcoin Rush Opinions: the verdict

Our in-depth investigation revealed that Bitcoin Rush is safe and reliable software. It is one of the oldest and most respected in the industry, having been launched on the market in 2013. Many users claim to have made quite a lot of money thanks to its careful use. Most appreciate it for ease of use, extreme precision and safety.


Can You Earn Extra Income With Bitcoin Rush?

Not only with Bitcoin Rush it is possible to earn extra income, but also to obtain full financial freedom with perseverance and patience. Starting with a minimum investment of $ 250 it is possible to obtain good returns in a short time. However, those who managed to make larger investments started seeing three-figure net gains from day one. However, we always recommend investing only what you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Rush a scam?

Bitcoin Rush enjoys an excellent online reputation and this is only because it has been able to pass all the independent tests performed by the various online newspapers, as well as having enriched many people around the world, since its launch. Its algorithms are able to perform technical and fundamental analysis of the markets in a very short time and return profitable trading signals, to generate profits on behalf of users, every day.

Have celebrities ever hinted at Bitcoin Rush?

There are not many who have talked about Bitcoin Rush, but those who did, could not help but recommend it without batting an eye. There are many famous people, Italian and non-Italian, who have recommended its use, especially to those who find themselves in less than brilliant economic situations. This means that its effectiveness is proven and that even experts do not hesitate to recommend it to novice traders.