Bitcoin: among the most used methods to pay on Italian e-commerce

Bitcoin: among the most used methods to pay on Italian e-commerce - Bitcoin ecommerce

According to a research conducted by the online software to check visibility and positioning, SemRush, among the most used payment methods to make online purchases on Italian e-commerce there is Bitcoin. The data refer to the period between October of 2018 and September of 2019. 

Italians apparently to pay online prefer technological tools. In fact, in first place there is Paypal with 1.383.000 payments per month, in second place in the ranking is PostePay by Poste Italiane. In third place, as mentioned, instead we find Bitcoins. 

Surely the result has surprised many, but on online stores, Bitcoin has reached an average of employment equal to 215.800 times every month, doing so even better than credit cards like American Express, which reaches the fourth place with a total of monthly transitions equal to 189,000. 

As for the use of credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa or Maestro in general, their use is chosen drastically. In fact, these are used to pay on Italian e-commerce approximately 34 thousand times a month. 

The peak of using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, however it surprises in a lot. In fact, this is a payment method that not all Italian e-commerce portals use or accept. Although of course competing with systems like Paypal that are accepted everywhere is very complex, we can say that Bitcoin is buying a large slice of the market in Italy anyway. 

According to the research by SemRush, the month in which there was a peak in payments with Bitcoins was June of 2019, when 368 thousand transactions were seen throughout the month. It is no coincidence considering that this period coincides with higher values ​​of the cryptocurrency, in fact, this year, the value of BTC in June had touched the 13 thousand dollars. 

Semrush's analysis shows that the total purchases made on e-commerce have also increased. In fact, during the 2018 the total expense on these platforms has reached 40 billion. Moreover, the 62% of Italian residents admitted that they use online stores at least once a year. Finally, we can say that the overall figure is certainly positive for Bitcoin, as it is becoming an increasingly widespread method online and increasingly considered valid from the average of Italian consumers.