Bitcoin towards the threshold of 18 million tokens issued

As the wait for thehalving, expected by many for the middle of next year, Bitcoin is preparing to cross the threshold of 18 million tokens issued. An event perhaps less discussed than the halving of the rewards due to the miners, but which is also of considerable importance, precisely because of the psychological effects that it could generate, with obvious consequences on the market price of the most famous virtual currency.

Anthony Pompliano's tweet

To reveal the proximity of the goal of the 18 million tokens issued was a tweet by Anthony Pompliano, Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital long since committed to sponsor BTC, pushing itself however to very demanding forecasts in relation to the next explosion of its quotation. Pompliano's statement is also supported by the website BitcoinBlockHalf, for which 17.997.150 would, up to now, be extracted tokens.
The ics time would have been Friday in the past week and it follows that at this point compared to the original development plan there would be no more undermining than 3 million. Of course many have traced the words of Pompliano to the fact that precisely these, according to his own declarations, would have invested half of his assets in Bitcoin and therefore has the utmost interest in ensuring that the lens of public opinion remains on it, supporting its listing.

What could be achieved?

The fact that only three million virtual coins remain to be undermined, naturally makes the competition fiercer to be able to obtain them. It should be remembered in this regard as at the end of September the BTC network has recorded the historical record of 102 trillions of hash per second.
In addition to the repercussions on mining, on which, moreover, it is destined to also influence the arrival of the chips at 7 nanometers and the decision of Bitmain to accelerate in this sense, the narrowing of the number of coins to be extracted is naturally destined to make itself felt on the Bitcoin quotation, adding itself to some factors of no small importance.
Among them we should especially mention some geopolitical factors which are also being welded together for the benefit of the queen of cryptocurrencies, even going so far as to substantially change their characteristics. If until a few months ago BTC was branded as a mere tool of speculation, currently more and more people consider it the possible response to inflationary processes (especially in Venezuela and Argentina). It should also be stressed that over the past few weeks the actual barrage implemented by political and financial circles against Libra, has prompted some observers to sponsor the hypothesis that the creation attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto can become the real counterpart to the Facebook cryptocurrency. It would be a real law of retaliation, considered as its own BTC has long been pointed out by the same circles as a real public enemy, in consideration of characteristics that made it the favorite tool for the criminal economy. A real change of climate that seems to confirm that, after all, time is always an honest man.