BitQS is an ultra-effective tool that our team who tested it for writing this review reported can actually help ordinary people make a profit by trading bitcoin profitably.

In a nutshell, but we will deepen the topic later, it is a program that does the same job as a professional trader, but does it completely automatically. How, we'll find out in a few lines.

With this robot it is possible to earn up to 1000 euros per day, starting with a minimum investment of 250 euros. This is given to us by the many testimonials that users who have used it have provided online. Read our BitQS review to find out more about this amazing software.

What is BitQS?

BitQS is a trading robot that trades bitcoin in a completely automatic way, with an alleged success rate of almost 95%. Probably, this robot uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence, to perform technical and fundamental analyzes on the cryptocurrency markets.

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According to the tests carried out and what is read on the owner's website, this software is similar to bitqt who conducts technical analysis by checking thousands of trading charts in seconds, looking for highly profitable patterns to apply to his automatic trading strategy. While fundamental analyzes are performed by analyzing the internet in search of relevant news.

Is BitQS a scam?

From tests conducted by our internal team, it appears that BitQS is a reliable app. It is very similar to Cryptosoft in its operation, another application that we have reviewed on our pages and which collaborates with safe and regulated brokers. To find out more, you can read our Cryptosoft review. Of BitQS, however, we found that:

  • It offers a very high success rate, which in most cases exceeds 90%
  • The brokers he works with offer the opportunity to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading with a deposit of just € 250
  • Accept certain credit and e-wallets to make deposits and withdrawals quickly

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How does BitQS work?

As mentioned above, BitQS most likely uses technologies that rely on artificial intelligence and blockchain. If AI offers excellent and fast performance, blockchain offers transparency to its users. BitQS, in fact, prides itself on operating in a transparent environment, where traders can monitor their accounts at any time.

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In addition, very interesting news has been published on the platform's website. For example, the identities of the brokers with whom it collaborates are revealed and the regulation of each of them is also highlighted. This means that it is also transparent from a financial point of view, given that those who collaborate with unregulated and offshore brokers are probably a scam platform.

We ourselves have performed a check on the brokers with which the software collaborates and we have found that they are all internationally recognized, therefore they are safe and reliable for the trader's finances.

How to open an account with BitQS?

Getting started trading with the BitQS software is not difficult, especially if you follow the instructions below. This robot does everything automatically, but before moving on to live trading, some settings need to be adjusted. But read on to find out more.


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First you need to open a free account by filling out the form on the BitQS homepage. Verify that the information entered is correct and accept the terms of the site.

In addition, you will need to verify your identity by email and accept whether or not to subscribe to their newsletter. after verifying your identity, you will immediately access the corresponding broker page.

To deposit

Is BitQS a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - bitqs

Now all that remains is to make a deposit of at least 250 euros into your trading account to start using the software. All deposits are made via the assigned broker page, as it is through it that the software will place trades on the market.

You can use various payment methods to fund your trading account, including credit cards and bank transfers. But there is the possibility of using eWallets such as Neteller and Skrill, or crypto wallets, among the best known in the world.


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At this point it will be possible to choose between two different paths to follow: that of practice through demo accounts or that of making real profits immediately through live trading.

We advise all beginners to go down the path of practice first, before jumping headlong into live trading mode, especially to better understand how the software works and how to adjust risk settings.

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Key features of BitQS

To get the most out of BitQS, you need to take advantage of its key features. There are many features that distinguish this software, but we have chosen the three most important.

24/7 trading

It is possible to trade 24/7 with BitQS, but to get the best out of this platform, we recommend starting trades from 8am to 16pm EDT. This is the best time of day to trade BTC CFDs.

Easy to use platform

The BitQS platform is easy to use. This is one of its greatest strengths. Many testimonials agree on this point, in fact, many beginners who use this software say they are satisfied with its user friendly interface.

Regulated brokers

We've already said this in this review, but it never hurts to repeat it. Transparency in these cases is everything. The brokers that partner with BitQS are safe and regulated and therefore, all transactions executed through these brokers are protected.

Is BitQS recommended by any celebrities?

BitQS is an app that has recently been launched on the market and for this reason no Italian personality has ever spoken about it directly. However, several celebrities have commented on the effects cryptocurrencies could have on our lives in the future.

Marco BaldiniFlavio BriatoreFabio Fazio

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It seems that this former radio host, after having had problems with the availability of money due to his habit of gambling, has recovered money and positions thanks to the trading of cryptocurrencies. However, we cannot confirm this information, as it is only rumors.

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People say that after he defeated COVID-19 and his ex's speculations during a popular reality show, he threw himself back into his favorite financial activity, cryptocurrency trading. We cannot confirm these rumors.

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In Italy everyone knows, TVs are not the highest transparency body imaginable and many international bodies also say so. He never received the pass to talk about cryptocurrencies during Che tempo che fa, despite his numerous requests at the top of Rai.

Does BitQS offer a mobile app?

BitQS is an app that is completely web based. Simply put, any device connected to the internet can access its platform and monitor its activities.

This means that to use BitQS via mobile or tablet, there is no need to download any applications. Just connect to the website, access your account using your credentials and then start the platform as if you were in front of a normal PC.

Our verdict

BitQS trades bitcoin CFDs with a profitability exceeding 90%. This bot can generate, with the right market conditions, up to 1000 euros per day from a minimum deposit of 250 euros. However, precisely due to the high fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices, the risk of losses, even significant ones, of one's capital is not completely eliminated.

The testimonials from online users, however, combined with those of our test team, claim that this is one of the best platforms for automated cryptocurrency trading of the moment. If you want to find out how it works, without risking anything, click on the button below and start registering for free.

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What is BitQS?

BitQS is a tool that can help normal people and people who have no trading experience to make money by trading bitcoins.

Is BitQS reliable?

BitQS has met all of our verification criteria and is therefore trusted. This software also enjoys great feedback from users who have used it.

How Much Should I Deposit on BitQS?

250 € is enough to start trading with this platform. Thanks to its high profitability, it can allow you to earn up to € 1000 per day from a deposit like this.