Blockchain Gaming and messaging apps: users grow during the lockdown for Coronavirus

Blockchain Gaming and messaging apps: users grow during the lockdown for Coronavirus - 20190724 Blockchain Gaming 1200x675 1 1024x576The time that people all over the world spend in front of a screen is much, much higher, than a few weeks ago, and this also affects the cryptocurrency space.

Messaging app

Status raised $ 107 million in ICO in 2017 in order to create an encrypted response to WhatsApp with an integrated Ethereum wallet. The crypto winter of 2018 hit Status hard, forcing the startup to fire 25% of its staff.

Now things seem to have changed. "With surveillance by governments on the rise around the world to curb COVID-19, we suspect people are turning to privacy tools like ours," said Jonathan Zerah, head of marketing for the company.

Kin is a blockchain born from a messaging app, Kik. The whole focus of this blockchain is to insert micropayments into fun activities, transforming things like Instagram and Pinterest into behemoth. Kin's Kevin Ricoy recently said the company was on track to spend three million by March 31st.

MadLipz is an app that allows users to take a clip from any type of video and easily superimpose a voiceover on it, usually intended for comic effects. Amir Alikhanzadeh, CEO of MadLipz, said: “It's not always just about the value of entertainment.

Humor is a powerful tool to indirectly vent the feelings and situations that people face ". MadLipz has also opened a specific channel for viruses. The app recorded a 42% jump in weekly active users for the week of March 15th compared to the week of March 8th.

Games and coins in game

The race for games was not limited to traditional titles. War Riders, a kind of Mad Max adventure that uses non-fungible tokens (NFT) to allow users to access the game, also has its own currency token called benzene.

"We have seen a jump of about 70% of new users and the average time spent in the game has increased dramatically," said Vlad Kartashov, CEO of Carfied, the company behind War Riders. To get the idea, War Riders' least expensive vehicle is sold for around $ 5 in ETH on OpenSea right now. But others sell for hundreds of ETH.

Lucid Sight is a gaming company that has worked very hard to attract the main market without making its crypto elements too obvious. It brought Star Trek and Major League Baseball to the blockchain, relying primarily on NFT technology to give users true ownership of the objects. Lucid Sight's CEO also said that they are seeing more players and people are playing much longer.

In short, it also seems that other markets are throwing body and soul into this business. And what do you think of it? Used programs for the automatic exchange of crypto coins such as Bitcoin system? Let us know in the comments!