Blockchain: the first Enjin game on Ethereum

Forgotten Artifact is the first game developed by Enjin and running on the Mainnet Ethereum blockchain!

Forgotten Artifact on Blockchain

Great happiness for both the developers of Enjin and those of Ethereum in general because for the first time it is possible to play with a game that runs on Blockchain with the ERC-1155 protocol, not the classic protocol ERC20 where all the Ethereum tokens run.

How to play Forgotten Artifacts

For now, only those who have bought the chests in presale (about 112) can download the game, but on the official website it will soon be possible to buy access.

Why buy access? It's not exactly just a game

There are over 32.000 objects to be found in the depths of the underground, with beyond 12.000 ENJ (see listing ENJ)to keep in your ENJIN wallet, in fact you can link, or rather add, the game in your wallet and keep and exchange the ENJs found.

Once you've plundered the trunks and ransacked the dungeons, you must come out alive to keep your belongings!

Which can then be converted into real Enj.


We didn't have access to this game, so not knowing what it's like we can't say more.

The graphics, from the first images seem interesting, even more interesting seems the speech of exchanging real coins, or of using them to buy features for the game, such as swords, armor etc.

Honestly, I'm not very interested in these monetization oriented games, but surely this is a great test for the future.