Microsoft patent on a cryptocurrency system powered by basic human energy. Is it a threat to Bitcoin?

Microsoft patent on a cryptocurrency system powered by basic human energy. Is it a threat to Bitcoin? - microsoft 1Microsoft has never shied away from cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Now, it has filed a patent for a new cryptocurrency system that will be based on simple human body activities rather than the usual computing power of mining platforms.

Microsoft will create a cryptocurrency system that will use "body activity data"

The details of the Microsoft patent entitled "Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”Were published on March 26, 2020. According to the patent, Microsoft intends to create a cryptocurrency that will be powered by basic body activities rather than by the ASICs of miners who consume a lot of energy.

In particular, mining the Microsoft cryptocurrency will not require huge energy since body heat generated by simple activities such as viewing an ad or browsing the Internet will be enough to extract it.

In other words, users will be able to solve the complex computational puzzles required to undermine currencies even unconsciously, without having to commit too much or waste so much energy in the process.

How Microsoft's new system works

As for the functioning of this cryptocurrency system, the patent includes a wearable device that will detect the user's body activity. The data generated by these bodily activities will be like normal Proof-of-Work (PoW), except for the fact that the mining process uses less computational energy and is much faster.

In addition, the cryptocurrency system connected to the user's device will check "whether the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions established by the system and will assign the user a quantity of cryptocurrency related to these".

It is worth noting that the patent application does not reveal whether Microsoft will build its cryptocurrency system on an existing blockchain or if it will create its own support blockchain.

If society were to really move forward, a question that would surely torment him Investors of BTC is whether the human-powered cryptocurrency system poses a threat to Bitcoin.

A threat to Bitcoin?

To begin with, Bitcoin mining consumes a significant amount of energy. Although some reports say that most of the energy used is renewable, an alternative cryptocurrency system that can use brain waves or body heat poses a challenge.

However, in its eleven years of history, bitcoin has carved out its niche and most of its investors are attracted primarily by its decentralization. With the current financial crisis caused by the coronavirus, banks and other businesses are calling for support from governments as bitcoin advances without external aid.

Needless to say, Microsoft's cryptocurrency would most likely be like Facebook's Libra: a digital resource developed by a high profile private company. It is therefore very unlikely that investors will transfer their funds from a completely decentralized business to Microsoft's cryptocurrency. Also, just like Libra, Microsoft's cryptocurrency may never see the light of day.