British Trade Platform is an automated digital currency trading platform, which hypothesizes the trend of the cryptocurrency market, through artificial intelligence algorithms.British Trade Platform: is it a legit trading platform or a scam? - british bitcoin profit logo 1

Many people have stated that such a platform is twenty times more profitable than the others.

Surely, now you are wondering if such a platform is really reliable?

We recommend that you read our review, before signing up, and you will surely get an answer to all your questions.

what is British Trade Platform?

British Trade Platform is a trading platform where you can trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Litecoin.

This platform was created by experienced software developers and traders, who after collecting various data related to the world of digital currencies, came to the realization of a system like this. Not only that constantly monitors cryptocurrency market trends, but also identifies the best offers and performs automatic transitions, without the intervention of the trader.

Is this a legal platform?

Yes, it is a legal platform, this is also confirmed by its collaboration with regulated brokers.

Is British Trade Platform a Scam?

No it's a scam, it's a legitimate platform but we advise new users to take small steps when using it for the first time.

British Trade Platform can be considered as a way to improve your personal trading strategy, impose precise parameters, and therefore do not risk losing all your funds.British Trade Platform: is it a legit trading platform or a scam? - British Bitcoin Profit 1024x576

In addition some testimonials on it claim that most traders have made excellent profits in a short time, and that its trades are 90% accurate, but unfortunately we could not find any evidence to say this.

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We recommend that you have a broad understanding of cryptocurrency trading before starting to use an automated trading platform, as it is important to develop a solid personal strategy.

For a better understanding on the use of this platform, we will analyze its below Main characteristics.

  • Possible earnings

It was used this platform will make you a minimum profit of around $ 1500 per day, in the opinion of the British Trade Platform team. Many users, on the other hand, have declared that they earn much more and the amount of your earnings will depend not only on your initial investment but above all on the parameters set.

  • Verification process

To open a trading account, you need to go through an identity verification process, simply entering a few personal information, such as your name, email address and telephone number. This process will help keep your account safe.

  • Withdrawals and deposits

This is a system that allows its users to withdraw and deposit quickly and easily.

DeclarationsBritish Trade Platform: is it a legit trading platform or a scam? - person 2

There is a large amount of statements from people who are satisfied with this platform and above all the excellent profits they have made. While these statements encourage us to sign up immediately, it's always good to act with caution.

Customer service

British Trade Platform offers its users an expert customer service, able to answer any doubts. It can be contacted in three different ways: email, telephone and live chat.

Conditions and fees

British Trade Platform does not charge transaction fees, does not require the purchase of software, but it will connect you to the digital currency market and allow you to trade. We recommend that you carefully read all the terms and conditions of use before signing up.

Affiliate brokers

British Trade Platform does not give users the opportunity to select a particular broker, but to facilitate your work, it will automatically select a broker, this aspect may be considered by some users as a disadvantage.

How to create an account

Creating an account on the British Trade Platform is really simple, just follow four steps, which we will describe in detail below.

  1. Registration processBritish Trade Platform: is it a legit trading platform or a scam? - girl with bitcoin

The registration process is simple and free, just enter your personal information, such as name, email address and telephone number, immediately after you will be contacted by an account manager.

  1. Deposit

To activate your account on British Trade Platform will require a minimum deposit of € 250, this will be considered as your first investment. Your funds will be monitored by a broker, in order to be managed in the best possible way.

  1. Demo account

The demo account is really useful, as it will give you the opportunity to observe how the trading system works, without using your own funds.

  1. Live trading

In this phase the platform identifies the cryptocurrency market trends and invites the investor to set precise trading parameters and also limits.

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How much will it cost me to use British Trade Platform?

As has already been stated the software of British Trade Platform is free, but this may change in the future. If you make a profit, the platform blocks a portion of your profits to satisfy the brokers and keep the service efficient.

When should i start using Bitcoin robots?

If you are confident in your Bitcoin investment, then you should start considering signing up for an automated trading platform, it does not guarantee you excellent profits, but it performs automatic transitions without your intervention, following the rules of an algorithm instead.

Furthermore, using an automated trading platform will allow you to participate in the cryptocurrency market strategically, it will work for you around the clock.

Is British Trade Platform the right solution for me?British Trade Platform: is it a legit trading platform or a scam? - advantage 2

Yes, British Trade Platform will be a suitable platform for you, which will not waste your time, it will be the one to monitor the cryptocurrency market and execute transactions.

What will my earnings be using British Trade Platform?

There are many user testimonials that they are making thousands of dollars using the British Trade Platform. However, as has already been stated, the amount of your earnings will depend on the initial investment and the trading parameters you have decided to set.

Below we will provide some useful tips for novice traders, who want to make great profits, using automated Bitcoin platforms:

Learn everything there is to know about trading: It is important to have a basic knowledge of cryptocurrency trading, before signing up for a trading platform, in order to know how to set the right trading parameters.

Know almost everything about cryptocurrencies: In a world like those of cryptocurrencies in constant evolution, it is good to be an expert before carrying out any operation.

Starting with a demo account: When you sign up for an automated trading platform, you have the opportunity to start immediately, it is recommended instead, to practice first with a demo account, in order to understand the system well, without spending your own funds.

Starting with a small investment: It is recommended that you start by investing a small amount of money, the minimum necessary to activate an account, and then gradually increase, this strategy will not only allow you to improve but above all to minimize risks.

Invest only the amount of money you can afford to lose: One of the main factors to consider in the trading process is being accountable for your investments, as losses could occur, so invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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Why are Bitcoin robots more profitable?

Here are two main factors:

Timing: Cryptocurrency robots trade through software, so they have the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies quickly, compared to operations you could do manually instead.

Consistency: Bitcoin robots have the ability to operate 24 hours a day, what a human being could not do, so they are much more consistent. Furthermore, it may be difficult for a human to keep emotions in check when trading cryptocurrencies.

Possible risk factors when trading with British Trade Platform

Although British Trade Platform is an automated platform that can monitor market trends on its own, you still need to pay attention to the costs of cryptocurrencies, which can change constantly and your parameters may not be suitable for the current market situation and you may suffer losses.

Does British Trade Platform have an app?British Trade Platform: is it a legit trading platform or a scam? - advantage 3

Yes, British Trade Platform has an app, so you can easily access your account from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Coming to the conclusion of that review on British Trade Platform, it can be said that it offers a simple registration and verification process, requiring new users to perform just a few simple steps. In addition, this platform has earned a good reputation, thanks to a huge amount of positive feedback. To use the service, you need to create an account, go through the identity verification process, although all of this assures us that it is a reliable platform, it is better to start trading with a small investment, as investing in cryptocurrencies continues to be a high-risk situation.