BTC Surf expands its exclusive offer for its community

If you have been in the world of cryptocurrency for a long time, you should have experienced the evolution of business models. In the initial phase, there were many business models related to advertising.

The already known "taps" and the PTCs (Paid To Click) were a viable way to acquire small portions of cryptocurrencies to go deep into this world. So more problems came and only the best projects survived.
And today we present one of those projects that have adapted and improved over time to continue to have a place in the saturated world of Internet advertising:BTC Surf.

BTC Surf expands its exclusive offer for its community - btcsurf

What is BTC Surf?

BTC Surf is a community, developed by the professionals of the Spanish association Blockchain. Anyone can register for free and enjoy various benefits (depending on the type of subscription).
Depending on the activity in the community you can earn Bitcoins, you can earn traffic for your web portal or meet new portals and investment opportunities.

Advertise forever

Members can advertise with a single payment and enjoy the service for life. In this way, the advertiser will be able to receive traffic from real users for life and thus increase his returns.
Users who do not wish to advertise can also earn while vshow partner announcements advertised and also know quality alternatives promoted by other community members.

Other sources of benefits: the affiliation system

In addition to the normal activity of the community, it can also be earned by recommending the platform to other users, with whom we will subsequently earn a percentage of the profits that will be generated later thanks to that user. The BTC surf affiliate network is deep up to 11 levels (for higher registrations).

Clarity with financial data

The distribution of money generated by the community is a clear system designed with transparency to ensure trust in the system.

The distribution is as follows:

• 50% - Subscription plan distributed on 11 levels.

• 20%: promotion of external navigation for all advertisers, which generates visits from other traffic sources.

• 10% - Weekly bonus.

• 10% - Random bonus for activities.

• 10% - Management and maintenance of BTCSURF systems

The most recent: pool

The latest and most innovative service offered by BTC Surf partners is the "pool". When we talk about pools, we don't mention what we all know as mining pool. A pool, in general, is a group of people (or companies) who come together to offer a service or take advantage of a business opportunity.
In this case, the Pool offered by BTC Surf is intended to exploit the affiliate network market. With the contribution of community members, high-quality portal affiliate networks in the Bitcoin universe and cryptocurrencies are leveraged.
Therefore, we show the profitability chart of the pool.

BTC Surf expands its exclusive offer for its community - pool chart

As can be seen in the graph above, the profitability varies between 0,20% and 1% of the daily gain. Which is a fairly profitable investment considering the enormous competition in the Internet advertising market.
Furthermore, the pool evolves as the community decides because they will make investments in the portals that the members themselves decide: a tool for the community!


BTC Surf is a mature and profitable community that continues to innovate to offer profitable services to its community, as evidenced by the recent launch of its POOL committee.

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