BUX enters the cryptocurrency industry and announces its exchange

BUX enters the cryptocurrency industry and announces its exchange - bux crypto app 1024x573 1Fintech BUX has announced the launch of BUX Crypto, the company's official cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Crypto-mania shapes the markets

Cryptocurrency trading has become something crucial in the past few weeks due to a general feeling of fear about the coronavirus pandemic.

It appears that many investors are looking to buy cryptocurrencies and try to approach digital assets as legal currencies and stocks are proving less stable in these difficult times for the economy.

This situation is the exact opposite of what most investors seemed to be in mid-March. During that period, the cryptocurrency industry suffered some major shocks such as the sudden collapse of bitcoin, along with practically any other large crypto resource, generated by a massive sell-off that caused the loss of large volumes in relatively short periods. short.

Bitcoin, for example, dropped from around $ 10.350 in mid-February to a low of $ 3.000 around March 12, and despite having subsequently recovered from that event - doubling its price compared to then - there is still much room for improvement. Now, with the crypto-craze that is driving anyone crazy, companies are trying to get into action.

BUX launches its exchange. Wide range of cryptocurrencies and advantageous commissions

BUX Crypto claims to offer users the ability to buy, sell and exchange some of the best digital tokens in the world, which in this case include bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and bitcoin cash (BCH) .

In addition, the exchange also offers its own currency known as the BUX token (BUX). Users can initially purchase one of these currencies using the euro as a means of reducing exchange fees.

The company also announced a special promotion in which the first 5.000 customers who sign up and engage in the company's new trading services will potentially earn BUX tokens for free. Nick Bortot - CEO and founder of the company - explained in an interview: “Since the launch of BUX in 2014, we have developed apps that meet the needs of a new generation of investors.

Part of our current offering allows users to invest in zero commission actions using an elegant and intuitive interface. We see BUX Crypto as a natural extension of our current range, which focuses on offering products that make it easy and convenient for even the newest investors to enter the financial markets. "

Everyone can learn from each other

BUX has also announced that it will integrate the "social trading features" while it will undergo an acquisition of Blockport, an altcoin of the Ethereum network.

Sebastiaan Lichter - BUX Crypto Product Manager - says: “After the official launch, BUX Crypto will focus its product development strategy on creating social-based investment features. As a company that values ​​your community, the product roadmap will focus heavily on creating unique features that can bring together both beginners and advanced investors to learn from each other. "