Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in many countries around the world, the cannabis industry has been seeing a very significant growth in recent years. As imaginable, investors are skyrocketing stock prices linked to the cannabis industry. To capitalize on the volatility of the markets, day traders today prefer to use tools for automatic trading and one of the most popular apps to trade cannabis shares in a profitable way in recent times, is without a doubt Cannabis Revolution.

But is it worth investing in this system? Or is it a scam? Our tests have shown that Cannabis Revolution is safe and reliable software. Its programmers claim that with this platform it is possible to earn up to $ 1000 per day. Read on to find out if that's true and how to sign up for free.

What is Cannabis Revolution?

As already mentioned above, Cannabis Revolution is a software for trading cannabis stocks, which helps novice users to make a profit thanks to the high volatility of these markets.

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The app uses modern and revolutionary algorithms, to conduct technical and fundamental analysis of the markets in search of opportunities to be seized to make profits. Cannabis Revolution is software that can be used in manual or automatic mode.

In the latter case, the process becomes fully automated and the user will only have to adjust a few settings before starting the software for at least 8 hours a day.

Is Cannabis Revolution a Scam?

Our live investigations on Cannabis Revolution have shown that it is a safe and reliable platform. Its algorithms are excellent and analyze the markets accurately, producing very precise signals. In automatic mode, Cannabis Revolution does all the work for you. While in manual mode, it gives you the freedom to choose which signals to follow through one of the partner brokers.

  • Cannabis Revolution also enjoys great online feedback. All users who have tested this platform claim to make profits on a daily basis
  • You can withdraw the funds whenever you want. Everything in your account is yours and at the time of withdrawal, no fees will be applied
  • The effectiveness level of this robot is over 90%. This means that in most cases, 9 out of 10 trades are closed with a plus sign

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How does Cannabis Revolution work?

Trading enthusiasts approached these platforms as they realized that the software, using sophisticated algorithms, was able to seize many more profitable trading opportunities than any professional trader.

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It is also important to note that Cannabis Revolution, unlike what happens elsewhere, does not buy shares directly, but trades CFDs on cannabis shares. Simply put, it speculates on the price movements of these stocks and can make a profit whether they go down in value and up.

In fact, when the markets go down, Cannabis Revolution uses a trading strategy that is known as "short selling". In this case, the user's profit comes from the difference in price between the selling and the buying price.

While these things may sound a bit odd to beginners, don't worry. As mentioned above, Cannabis Revolution does all this automatically and only in case you choose to carry out your operations manually, you will have to worry about certain things.

How to open an account with Cannabis Revolution?

Starting trading with Cannabis Revolution is really very simple. First, you need to click on the link on this page to connect to the trading app and then follow the 3 steps as described below.


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On the homepage of the app you will find a lot of information, an introductory video and a form to fill out to sign up. Once this is done, all you have to do is verify your identity via the verification email that will be sent to you, before proceeding with the next step.

To deposit

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At this point, Cannabis Revolution will connect you to a reliable broker available in your area, with whom you can proceed to make a deposit of at least $ 250 as an investment of your capital. The payment methods offered are quite classic and include VISA and MasterCard credit cards, or bank transfer, Skrill, WebMoney, Maestro, Neteller, etc.


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Cannabis Revolution also offers demo trading mode. In this way, traders will be able to test all the features of the software, without risking a single penny of their capital. However, they will not accumulate earnings this way. To do this, you will need to go to live trading mode, but before starting, you will need to adjust some trading settings such as stop-loss, maximum amount per trade, etc.

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Key features

Industry experts are confident that the cannabis market will continue to grow over the next few years and for this reason, both day and long-term traders will benefit from it. And then, by using an effective robot like Cannabis Revolution, everyone will be able to jump on the bandwagon in time to rack up substantial profits, thanks to these three key characteristics.

High rate of return

Analysts are confident that the cannabis market will continue to grow in the coming years. We think that whoever enters the market today will record the greatest growth.

High volatility

The cannabis market is highly volatile which means excellent earning opportunities are offered. Of course, only day traders using software such as Cannabis Revolution can take advantage of this.

A less crowded market

Although the growth of the market is evident, it is still in its early stages. Which means the market is less crowded and more predictable than forex or cryptocurrencies.

Is Cannabis Revolution being recommended by any celebrities?

In Italy the cannabis topic has not yet been digested, despite the numerous stores, physical and online, that have been able to start selling cannabis products. However, some famous people in the past have talked about automatic trading.

Flavio BriatoreLorenzo JovanottiFabio Fazio

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In the past, he shot a TV series where he was the Boss and in one of the episodes, now unobtainable, he said that only beginners could use automatic trading platforms, without however advising their use, indeed.

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In Italy he was one of the first to believe in bitcoin and is said to have started trading it through some renowned automated trading platforms, not fully understanding the subject. We cannot guarantee this, however, and it appears to be false.

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Although he is not familiar with automatic trading platforms, he has heard very positively about them in his environment and would have liked to talk about it in Che tempo che fa, precisely, would have.

Does Cannabis Revolution offer a mobile app?

Cannabis Revolution is a web-based platform. This type of software does not have to be downloaded to your portable devices to be used. All you need is an internet connection and to access your account, just enter the site and enter your credentials and from there, adjust settings and start automatic trading.

Our verdict

Cannabis Revolution is a really great trading software. This bot has received a very good rating from us in terms of effectiveness, website transparency and customer support.

Most of the users who have used this robot claim that they can make between $ 200 and $ 1000 per day, starting with a minimum capital of $ 250. We recommend that you invest the bare minimum and withdraw profits as soon as they are reflected in your account. To get started, click on the link below.

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Is Cannabis Revolution reliable?

Yup! Our tests have shown that this cannabis stock trading software is reliable and safe.

How much can i earn with Cannabis Revolution?

The maximum that this bot would allow you to earn is 1000 dollars a day. But it must also be said that the gains are proportional to the investment made.

How long do I need to start trading with Cannabis Revolution?

You only need $ 250 to get started. But if you want to make higher earnings right away, then you should increase the amount according to your preferences.