Cardano postpones the expected Vasil hard fork event following the discovery of a bug

Cardano postpones expected Vasil hard fork event following bug discovery - michael fortsch 6CiqXsgGaM unsplash scaled 1The development team in charge of Vasil's update for the Cardano network has posted a blog post related to the update. According to the input out global (IOHK), the Vasil update will no longer take place this month.

Instead, it has been rescheduled for next month. Based on the blog post, the team decided to postpone the update during last Friday's evaluation call. On Monday, the team assessed the progress made so far regarding the update. However, it discovered up to seven bugs following the evaluation.

Although the Cardano team, which we recall can also negotiate on Bitcoin system, stated that the bugs were not serious, decided not to take any risks. Therefore, he decided the best option was to postpone the distribution of the hard fork proposal to the public testnet on Monday, as planned.

The IOHK sets a new date for deployment to testnet and mainnet

Although the IOHK has discovered seven bugs, it has also noted that it intends to carry out other checks. The team wants to make sure nothing about the update is left to chance. For this reason, the team has set this end of the month as the new date for the update's public testnet.

The IOHK team also said it plans to deploy Vasil's live mainnet by the end of next month. However, he points out that the date will not change if the scholarships fail to complete all the important integrations.

Part of the IOHK announcement reads:

today, the IOHK and the Cardano foundation have chosen the end of June as the new date for the hard fork testnet. So, four weeks after that date, we expect all exchanges and stake pool operators (SPOs) to have completed the testing work and necessary integration. Therefore, we believe the Cardano mainnet hard fork is expected to take place in the last week of next month.

Working for smooth distribution

It is important to note that the IOHK development team is making an effort to ensure that no problems occur during the hard fork deployment. One of the efforts put in place was to hire 35 developers from 27 other projects.

These developers are testing various decentralized applications (DApps) to find out any bugs with Vasil. 16 SPO and top API vendors such as Blockfrost are providing their support for Vasil implementation.

The main objective of this update is to make operations within the Cardano network smoother. Some important features that the update should add to the network are faster speed, better scalability, and smart contract functions.

Don't worry about criticism

The discovery of some minor bugs by the IOHK team pushed the Vasil mainnet distribution to the end of next month. Many industry players have harshly criticized the IOHK team for consistently delaying the release of this update.

However, the team said that such criticism does not bother them. According to them, their goal is to ensure the success of the update. Furthermore, users can start using these new features without fear of hackers getting access to their accounts.