Celso Russomanno is a Brazilian reporter specializing in consumer and political advocacy. In addition, he graduated in law from the faculty of Guarulhos. He became famous in the early 90s as part of the popular television news program Aqui Agora, which aired between 1991 and 1997 on SBT, where he mediated complaints from consumers who felt hurt by companies in many sectors.

He is also the author of two books and speaker on the subject of consumer defense. He ran for federal deputy office in the 1994 election, being the most voted candidate that year. Russomanno is president of the National Institute for Consumer Defense. The deputy was also in the television station Rede Record in the television programs Hoje em Dia, Cidade Alerta and Programa da Tarde, which presented the Patrulha do Consumidor, in the same format as the SBT program. In 2014

But what does Russomanno have to do with cryptocurrencies? In reality, the Brazilian politician has expressed himself several times on bitcoin, not always favorably and in recent months articles have begun to appear online that associate his name with trading platforms such as Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Loophole. In reality, after some investigation, we have not found any connection between Russomanno and these automated trading systems, but then what is the cause of this now viral news? Let's find out together in this article.

Celso Russomanno and Bitcoin - Viral news around the world

Celso Russomanno has talked about cryptocurrencies many times, although in most cases he certainly did not praise them. And this is precisely what has made us suspicious of the articles that have appeared online in recent months and that have gone viral all over the world.

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Digging deeper, we checked the sources of these news and they all appear to be posted by gossip sites that do nothing more than create click-catching headlines using trending keywords to drive more traffic to their sites and improve their rankings. in search engines.

However, the trading platforms mentioned in these fake news are not at all "fake" as stated in this news. Far from it, they are so trendy that sites use them in their title to create clickbait articles. These platforms help traders make a profit by speculating on the price of the most popular cryptocurrencies, starting with bitcoin.

These systems are said to rely on advanced algorithms that can quickly analyze the markets, perform technical and fundamental analysis, and then issue trading signals that are used to open and close trades. We have thoroughly reviewed these platforms and you can read their reviews on our website, but if you want to know more, here is a brief description.

Bitcoin Profit

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Bitcoin Profit is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world, launched on the market in 2014. The developer has decided to make it available to everyone after earning millions of dollars on it in 2016, during the cryptocurrency boom.

As well as other such platforms, Bitcoin Profit uses artificial intelligence to conduct market research and apply profitable trading signals. The technique with which it operates is called high frequency trading. This means that the system quickly opens and closes hundreds of positions per minute, to make small profits, which then add up at the end of the day.

What makes this platform effective is its alleged profitability, which is close to 95%. This means that with a 400% ROI it is able to transform, depending on the favorable market conditions, a capital of just $ 250 into a profit of about $ 1500 in just 24 hours! On our site you can read the full review of Bitcoin Profit.

Does Celso Russomanno invest in Bitcoin Profit?

There is no evidence that the TV presenter used Bitcoin Profit or intends to do so. Since it is also such a prominent political figure, had it been so, it would have been advertised on the Bitcoin Profit website, but it is not. It is therefore, with great probability, false news.

As mentioned earlier, gossip sites create these click-catching titles, using viral keywords such as Bitcoin Profit, to attract more traffic to their portals and improve their performance. We recommend disregarding certain sources and only relying on authoritative reviews or verified online user opinions. Bitcoin Profit is definitely worth checking out, as its platform is easy to use, returns are consistent, and customer service is excellent.

How to trade with Bitcoin Profit

Trading with Bitcoin Profit is very simple. You don't need to be an expert to get started and the whole registration process takes no more than 15 minutes.

  • Access the official Bitcoin Profit page via our links and complete the free registration form
  • Verify your identity by confirming the email address and telephone number provided during registration
  • Deposit an amount of $ 250. You can use a variety of payment methods to do this, including credit cards and e-wallets
  • Trade in demo to gain experience with the platform and then switch to the live version with a click of the mouse to start earning real money

Visit Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Evolution

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Bitcoin Evolution is another trading system associated with Celso Russomanno. It is one of the most popular today and user feedback proves that it is reliable and can make great profits. This is thanks to the possibility of operating with a maximum leverage of 1: 1000. As a result, the profits are multiplied x1000.

Of course, with such high leverage the risks also increase. For this reason it is always recommended to wager money that you can afford to lose. A $ 250 deposit is enough to start using Bitcoin Evolution. To find out more, we recommend reading our in-depth Bitcoin Evolution review.

Does Celso Russomanno invest with Bitcoin Evolution?

The rumors about Russomanno and his investments through Bitcoin Evolution are false. Russomanno has never shown interest in using Bitcoin Evolution. Those who use this bot are generally veterans of trading, as are the developers who created this software.

This robot attracts thousands of people, because it can generate hundreds of dollars in profit per day, but we can confirm that it has never attracted the attention of the Brazilian presenter. Just ignore what is said in these rumors and only rely on authoritative sources to invest, as written in our review of Bitcoin Evolution.

How to trade with Bitcoin Evolution

First, you need to open a new account and then deposit a capital, so that the system has the money to open the trades.

  • Open an account by clicking on the link below
  • Fill out the registration form and verify your identity
  • Deposit $ 250 with a Bitcoin Evolution broker partner
  • Start trading by activating the platform at least 8 hours a day

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Bitcoin loophole

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Anyone looking for a platform that uses advanced computer algorithms to identify profitable trading patterns then needs to take a look at Bitcoin Loophole. This robot manages to generate constant passive income from an investment of only $ 250.

Thanks to its returns, it is able to generate thousands of dollars a month simply by reinvesting the profits. We recommend that you take a look at this robot, perhaps after having explored the topic by reading our Bitcoin Loophole review.

Does Celso Russomanno recommend Bitcoin Loophole?

Again, we can confirm that these are rumors generated by gossip sites looking for popularity. These sites generate certain headlines, just to attract a few more clicks.

Bitcoin Loophole is an advanced and reliable way to earn money online with little effort. For this reason, it attracts a lot of traffic. As we often say, it is necessary to verify the sources of certain information before taking everything at face value. Despite these fake news, we recommend taking a look at Bitcoin Loophole for anyone looking for a safe platform to use.

How to get started with Bitcoin Loophole

To trade with this system, you need to follow the steps described below:

  • Go to the Bitcoin Loophole website to sign up
  • Verify your account and then make a deposit of at least $ 250
  • Start practicing with the web trader to learn how the system works
  • Switch to live mode with one click of the mouse to earn real money

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Celso Russomanno and Bitcoin: the truth revealed

Celso Russomanno has never advised to use any trading system, he has never shown interest in these platforms. These rumors have all proven false and as demonstrated in this article, they are generated by gossip sites to improve their search engine rankings.

The systems described in this article are currently viral and therefore attract a lot of traffic. Russomanno's name is also trending lately, which explains why these two keywords are used to generate click-catching headlines.