How to Buy Miota Iota Stellar XML Cardano ADA

How to Buy Miota Iota Stellar XML Cardano ADA: today I explain in a very simple and fast way how to buy these cryptocurrencies that have become important and are growing for their projects with important Companies.

How to Buy Miota Iota Stellar XML Cardano ADA

as you know, Iota and Stellar and Cardano are excellent projects, not really in the short term, but let's say that there could be important developments within the 2018 and linked to important names:

Cardano Ada website elliptical encryption usage increases interesting project security

Stellar XMLwebsite (has important agreements with IMB)

Miota Iota : website recently he is making agreements with Fujitsu

Like all initial projects, they have coins that cost a little about 10 cents of a time and have great potential. Obviously every single project through its website must be analyzed, understood the capital, the roadmap and finally understand the purposes.

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They do not have proprietary exchanges and not all platforms support them, on the contrary ... to simplify your life I will show you how you need to buy these coins in a few minutes.


I show you the correct sequence to buy quickly.

the only exchange that has all three currencies is Binance

but, does not accept the deposit of money by credit card and bank transfer, nor the purchase, the only way to buy is to deposit Ethereum and Bitcoin taken from another exchange.

Step 1 Register at Binance

Step 2 Register on Coinbase or Spectrocoin

So Buy Ethereum or Bitcoin from Coinbase o Spetrocoin

who accept the purchase by card and bank transfer

Step 3 send what you bought to Binance



once the deposit has been awaited go to Binance, menu on the left Exchange basic and choose the currency you want to buy on the right

How to Buy Miota Iota Stellar XML Cardano ADA - how to buy ada iota xlm

How to Buy Miota Iota Stellar XML Cardano ADA

Finally, below, you will find your ETH residue and the chosen currency, click on Market, do not limit and proceed.

How to Buy Miota Iota Stellar XML Cardano ADA - xlm

Procedure terminated.

in a future post I will explain better how Binance and Spectrocoin work